A collision between two or more drivers will often result in harm for at least one of the parties involved. Whether this harm comes in the form of personal injuries, lost wages, or damage to their vehicle, drivers deserve to be compensated for their losses.

To be compensated, drivers in Nevada often turn to the informal settlement process where they try to come to an agreement with the other involved parties on their own. Both sides try to negotiate a fair agreement of who should give compensation and how much should be given.

Even for this informal settlement process, it is a good idea to have a legal representative do the talking for an accident case in Boulder City, Nevada. An attorney will make sure no unnecessary words are said that could be used against a person in the future. They are also well educated with the laws of Nevada and can inform a person of their rights and how much they are entitled to claim.

If the negotiation process fails and the drivers are unable to make a fair agreement on their own, a lawsuit can be filed. As the lawsuit escalates, both sides will be informed of the stance of the other person, and depending on how much evidence there is, one side may submit to the request of the other on their own.

The lawsuit will be filed when one’s attorney files a complaint to the court. The complaint outlines the case with legal arguments and it also explains how much compensation the driver is claiming for their losses. After the complaint is filed, the opposing party will file an answer with the court explaining their side of the story. Once both sides have submitted their case, they will exchange information and can ask questions to each other or help build their defense.

Who decides the final settlement?

If matters escalate to a court trial, a jury will be selected to evaluate the case. Both sides will be given a chance to present their case, their pieces of evidence, their witness testimonies, and their concluding statements so that the jury can decide. The jury will be instructed on the legal standards they must follow when making their decision and they will deliberate until a verdict is finally concluded.

Though escalation to a lawsuit is possible, it is rare. Most cases are resolved in the initial settlement process, especially if a person has an attorney assisting them from the beginning. Drivers who have been hit on the road and are looking for compensation to help them cover their financial losses should call an attorney to assist them with the legal process.