Accident Attorneys and Personal Injury Lawyers in Nevada

Accidental or unintentional injuries lead to millions of emergency room visits, and thousands of deaths each year in the U.S. And most cases, negligence and carelessness are at play. An accident on the job, on the highway or in a business can wreak havoc on your life and finances, but luckily you don’t have to worry about your bills because you can hold the person or entities accountable for harming you or a loved one.

Traffic Accidents

Every year, thousands of Americans are killed in traffic collisions, and hundreds of thousands are injured. The National Traffic Highway Safety Administration estimates that car crashes cost Americans $871 million in economic losses and societal harm in 2010. Economic losses, which includes medical costs and property damage, accounted for $277 million of the total costs while losses associated with lost productivity, pain and diminished quality of life.

A fatality results in $1.4 million economic losses for society most of which is attributed to theloss of productivity.

Because traffic accidents come at a high cost for cyclists, motorists, pedestrians, and motorcyclists, they have the right to pursue an injury claim against any of parties responsible for their accident. That could be a difficult task if you don’t have expert legal representation.

Premises Liability Claims

Premises liability claims arise out of accidents

Examples of premises liability claims:

Accidental drowning

Slip and fall

Elevator or escalator accidents

Dog bites

Ice or snow-covered sidewalks

Inadequate security

Proving Liability in Nevada

Whether you are filing a product liability, premises liability or traffic accident claim you must demonstrate negligence on behalf of the defendant for your case to prevail. Nevada law says to prove negligence in a product liability case you must show:

1)            That the defendant had a duty of care, and

2)            The defendant breached their duty to exercise due care

3)            That the defendant’s negligence caused the plaintiff’s injuries, and

4)            The plaintiff incurred economic damages.

Product Liability

Defective or hazardous products cause thousands of accidental deaths and injuries in the U.S. each year. A person who is injured by a defective product, poorly designed product or tainted food may have grounds to file a product liability claim.

For a product liability claim to prevail, Nevada Revised Statute says you must show:

The burden of proof for product liability claims

Types of product liability claims:

Manufacturing defects

Defective products

Failure to provide adequate warnings

How Will an Accident

Our accident attorneys in Nevada understand the state’s negligence standards and will take the necessary steps give you a strong personal injury claim. Our excellent accident litigators devoted and well-versed in state laws to better serve you and your case. Let USAttorneys connect you with an outstanding lawyer near you.