There are lawyers who specialize in dealing with all kinds of accidents that cause injuries. An entire section of the law called tort law is devoted to dealing with these issues where the intentional or negligent action of a person or entity causes harm to someone else. Thankfully, this area of the law allows victims to be compensated for their problems, and in cases of severe injuries the amounts paid out may also be significant. You will commonly hear about lawyers that handle these cases referred to as personal injury lawyers.
Critical injuries after west Las Vegas crash

A serious accident occurred in western Las Vegas on a Sunday night around 10:39 pm. The crash was reported at the intersection of Town Center and La Madre Mountain Drive. Lt. David Gordon confirmed that the metro police fatal detail responded to the scene to investigate the crash. As of the time of the initial report, one man was critically injured as a result of the two vehicle collision. The roads nearby remained closed for several hours after the accident.
Filing a lawsuit after an accident
Civil lawsuits after car accidents fall into the same category of tort law that allows people to receive compensation from an at fault party for their injuries. The two kinds of lawsuits that are filed after injuries and death are either negligence or wrongful death actions, respectively. Nevada has its own statutes that codify negligence and wrongful death into state law, just like every other state.
Negligence as a legal term simply means that someone breached their ordinary duty of care and caused injuries to another person. Nevada’s negligence laws are a bit more complicated than some other states because they use a modified version of an old doctrine called contributory negligence. This essentially means that if a plaintiff is found to be more at fault than the person they are suing in an accident, then they cannot recover at all. Otherwise, their damage amount is only reduced based on their level of fault. However, based on the way this law is modified, the amounts that are paid out are highly dependent on the facts surrounding each individual accident. Only a lawyer with experience in dealing with numerous accident cases in Nevada can make a good estimation of how the state’s complex negligence laws will apply to your case.
Another option for when someone is killed in an accident is called a wrongful death lawsuit. This essentially means that the heirs of the dead person can file a lawsuit to be compensated for an amount related to medical and funeral expenses, along with other economic damages related to the person’s earning capacity and they services they routinely provided. There is also the possibility to quantify pain and suffering that family members have to deal with into emotional damages. These can also be paid out to the victim’s heirs in the same way as economic damages after a trial or through a settlement agreement.
Get help from an accident lawyer in Las Vegas now
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