Trump continues to build his invisible wall against immigrants by making sure a new rule- the public charge rule- went into effect on Monday. This rule was created to prevent those individuals who are not rich and who are disabled from coming to the United States with the sole purpose of trying to find a better life for themselves. It appears that most of the press and the public are against this new ruling and they claim it is very ‘un-American.’

This ruling seems so unfair particularly because of the Statue of Liberty and what it represents. An endless sea of immigrants have previously arrived in America with almost no belongings only to turn the entire economy around through their hard work and dedication. It is very unfair to now block further individuals from undergoing a similar experience. Being liberal, open, fair, and accepting is a major part of American history and it appears that Trump is attempting to turn the wheels of time and return society to the sorry state it was in before the civil rights movement and everything that came with it.

What exactly is the public charge rule?

The public charge rule essentially lets officials reject green cards to any individual who is on government support or who may require additional care from the government. If it is determined that an applicant for a green card could likely become a public charge at any time, then they will most probably be stripped of their permanent residence status.

According to this new rule, any new immigrants must be self-sufficient. This may seem to make some sense, but the reality is that it has caused so many individuals to be immediately rejected from the possibility of becoming residents of the United States. These people could have benefitted tremendously be moving to safer land and they could have possibly even helped the American economy through their hard work and effort, like so many others in the past.

Over 380,000 immigrants will be affected every year and for many immigrants, this ruling means either permanent separation from their family or having to leave the United States themselves to live with their family. Though Trump may be claiming that this new rule is in the best interest of the economy, experts don’t agree.

A recent analysis showed that the US economy could suffer around $81 billion per year due to this new ruling. Cutting off immigrants would mean cutting off the income, spending, and taxes paid by these immigrants as well. Also, as the population increases, the economy expands, and more jobs are created. However, if the number of individuals coming in is restricted then the chances for economic growth reduce significantly as well.

This major change in the immigration laws of the United States is going to affect the lives of millions of people. If the rule is enforced as directed and consecutive years do not bring a reversal in this ruling, then the way America is defined globally may see a significant change as well.