Why Do You Need An Accident Attorney in New Hampshire?

Accident victims have this mistaken notion that recovering compensation is easy and all they must do is file their claim. Unfortunately, getting a full and fair settlement is not easy and there are many hurdles put in a victim’s path when they attempt to recover the costs of their accident.

They Understand the Basics of Accident Investigations

Our outstanding team of personal injury lawyers are well-versed in accident investigations because they understand how important it is to provide you with a clear and convincing accident claim. The more thorough an investigation is, the better chance you have of recovering generous compensation. As part of their investigation, our accident attorneys will:

Photograph the accident scene

Evaluate accident reports and medical records

Speak with witnesses

Examine any surveillance footage available

Consult with accident reconstruction and medical experts

For car and truck accident cases, they will examine black boxes and driving histories.

Your attorney will also handle all the administrative duties, paperwork and communications, leaving you free to put your life back in order.

They Can Handle Insurance Settlement Negotiations

Most accident victims resolve their cases through settlement negotiations and never appear in civil court. During negotiations, your attorney must demonstrate why you are entitled to the settlement amount you are seeking. Your attorney will present evidence and expert testimony to counter any of an insurance adjusters assertions.

Most accident claims are resolved in the negotiation phase, but when they don’t a victim’s next option is to file a claim in civil court, which can be a long and protracted process. You should understand the pros and cons of a court trial before you decide this is the route to take.

If settlement negotiations breakdown and neither party can come to a resolution, you can take your claim to civil court but you need file before the three-year statute of limitations expires. You can file your claim at one of the following court locations depending on where you live:

Plymouth District Court

26 Green St.,

Plymouth, NH 03264


New Hampshire Circuit Court

650 Main St. #100

Berlin, NH 03570


Merrimack District Court

8 Baboosic Lake Rd.,

Merrimack, NH 03054

If you have any of the following accident claims, let USAttorneys connect you one of our top-notch lawyers in New Hampshire. When you hire legal counsel, you will have a vocal advocate who can give you peace of mind. You can stop worrying about your finances and dedicate your time and injury to your recovery.

Get legal help if you were injured:

In a car, pedestrian or truck accident

In a slip and fall accident

By a dog or other animal attack

By a defective or poorly designed product

Call today and set up a free case evaluation with one of our attorneys near you in New Hampshire. They will give your case the full attention it deserves, so you aren’t shortchanged by an insurer or negligent party.