Strange things happen in our lives every day. There are things that leave us puzzled and questioning, “Why did that just happened.” While most of these strange occurrences allow us to continue on with our day, sometimes, it is a strange accident that occurs that leaves us hurting and wounded.
Were you or a family member involved in a strange accident and aren’t quite sure how to go about handling it? Are you wanting to hold someone accountable for your incident but aren’t sure how to? The fact is, there could be a number of different people who you can hold accountable for causing an accident which is why we have accident lawyers in Manchester, New Hampshire who are well-informed on the laws who can supply this information to you.
It is important that anyone involved in any type of accident receive medical attention right away to have their injuries assessed and treatment rendered to prevent further damage from being done. The next step is to hire legal aid who specializes in accident and injury law and work with them in regards to getting you the compensation you will need for:

  • The pain and suffering you have had to endure.
  • The accrued medical expenses including doctors’ visits, hospital visits, surgery, medication, etc.
  • Property damage.
  • Loss of consortium given that it applies to your case.
  • Loss of wages if your injuries have you out of work.

These are recognized as “damages” in the legal world and you will likely be hearing that term referenced often once you begin working with one of our skilled and experienced accident attorneys in Manchester, NH.
Example of a strange accident where our Manchester, NH accident lawyers would be able to help you under the same or similar circumstances.

  • Truck driver’s vehicle was hit by a drugged motorist while driver was unloading truck- According to, witnesses saw a driver shoot up heroin moments before hitting a truck driver’s parked truck who happened to be working and unloading his truck. Luckily for the trucker, he was able to remain injury free after the accident transpired but his truck, not so lucky. The drugged driver also sustained serious injuries and will indefinitely be facing some serious consequences for driving recklessly and breaking state laws in terms of driving while drugged.

Some other types of strange, unexpected accidents include:

  • Plane crashes
  • Drunk driving accidents
  • Vehicle roll-overs
  • Boating accidents
  • Elevator incidents
  • Escalator accidents

While some of these accidents might seem common, they often occur unexpectedly and for non-obvious reasons. That is why you will want to hire an accident attorney in Manchester. If you are having trouble identifying who the true cause of the accident was or aren’t sure where to start in terms of taking legal action, then you will want one of our attorneys working with you.
If it is determined that a person or even a company is responsible for causing your accident, you would want to file a personal injury lawsuit against them in order to collect the compensation you are rightfully due. In the state of New Hampshire, you are given a time limit of three years from the date of the accident to do this. This is the statute of limitations and you are not permitted to take legal action once that timeframe is up.
Therefore, to get you connected with a local accident lawyer in Manchester, NH now, simply give us a call now so an agent can begin assisting you.