Marlton, NJ – When someone gets into an accident, they will require assistance from an experienced lawyer if they want to maximize their chances of collecting money to cover their costs through an accident lawsuit. Lawyers who spend their time filing personal injury lawsuits and assisting accident victims have a skillset that is suited towards negotiating for a settlement agreement or convincing a jury to award their client a sufficient amount of damages. 

Most personal injury lawsuits are filed as negligence cases. This means that another person breached their standard duty of care while driving, and caused losses such as injuries and property damage. The amount of money available to the plaintiff may change depending on their level of fault in the crash. 

Collision lawsuits and contributory negligence

Accident lawsuits in New Jersey will be governed by the principles of contributory negligence. This law allows a plaintiff who is partially at fault for a collision to sue the defendant and collect damages for their losses, however their damage award will be reduced proportionately to their level of fault. In situations where the plaintiff is found to be more at fault than the defendant, they cannot collect any damages at all. Personal injury lawyers can explain the specifics of dividing fault under negligence laws in more detail. 

Other services from accident lawyers

When someone is involved in a collision, after they have received medical treatment and contacted their insurance company, they can schedule an initial consultation with an accident attorney. The client and the lawyer can exchange information, and outline the process of a civil lawsuit against the person or business responsible for the collision. The attorney can give advice regarding things like a possible timeline for the lawsuit and resolution of the case, along with the potential dollar value of the lawsuit. 

If they agree on representation, the lawyer will file an initial complaint to bring the lawsuit in the local civil court system. This pleading contains the basic facts about the collision, an argument as to why the defendant is at fault, and a summary of damages that are related to the losses sustained by the plaintiff. The defendant will have a chance to answer this complaint and either confirm or deny the allegations in the lawsuit. After the sides exchange evidence, they can either settle or go to trial.

Finding out more about a civil case against the person responsible for a collision

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