If you have been injured in a bus accident, whether it be on the New Jersey Transit or a bus that is operated by a private company, you should seek medical attention from a local hospital or urgent care center to ensure your injuries aren’t life threatening. Once you have tended to your injuries, the next thing you want to do is reach out to USAttorneys.com in order to get paired up with a local Elizabeth, New Jersey accident lawyer who can explain what you might be entitled to and how you can obtain this compensation.

Is a bus company responsible for providing me with compensation after an accident?

They may be depending on who was at-fault for causing the accident. If it can be determined that the driver of the bus was negligent in their ways, you may be able to hold them, the bus company, and possibly even the state accountable for providing you with funds for all the damages you have incurred.
The fact is, because of the massive size of these buses that travel all throughout the state of New Jersey, these accidents tend to result in severe property damage as well as life-threatening injuries. There are many reasons why these accidents transpire and some of the factors that contribute to them are presented below.

10 frequent factors that have led to recent bus crashes


  1. Distracted driving
  2. Speeding
  3. Customers, employers, or tour operators requesting drivers to stay behind the wheel for an unrealistic time period in order to reach a destination quicker or to avoid having to stay in a hotel overnight.
  4. Drivers who are full-or part time who hold other jobs who aren’t receiving enough rest to make the trip on the bus safely.
  5. Using improper GPS devices that are designed for cars and unware of low clearance bridges and underpasses.
  6. Driving on worn out tires, operating the bus with tires with low air pressure, or using the wrong kind of tire for a vehicle or route.
  7. Poorly maintained buses. This includes not keeping up with any manufacturer recalls or mandated repairs.
  8. Failing to maintain awareness which results in hitting pedestrians with the mirrors on the bus.
  9. Blocked or non-working emergency exits.
  10. Permitting partygoers traveling on a party bus to behave irrationally. For instance, sometimes these individuals will hang out of doors or out of the rooftop openings [Source: Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration, FMCSA].

Bus companies are required to follow strict rules and regulations provided from the FMCSA and can suffer serious consequences should they violate any of the safety regulations set forth. Many individuals rely on buses to get to and from their local destinations as well as for longer extended road trips. Unfortunately, while buses do make getting around easier, they also contribute to the number of fatal roadway crashes that occur throughout the nation.
If you were involved in a bus accident, whether you were a pedestrian in the incident or a passenger, it is important to understand that filing an injury claim is handled in a different manner as it would had the accident only involved a driver just like you. Because bus companies such as the New Jersey Transit are regulated by the state, you may be limited in the amount of time you have to bring a claim or lawsuit against them not to mention you will be required to submit certain paperwork to get your claim filed.
Our bus accident lawyers in Elizabeth would be glad to assist you throughout this claims process as well as address any questions you might have. While most individuals reach out to their car insurance company after engaging in a crash with another motorist, many are often lost for words when it comes to the steps they should take in order to recognize a bus company for the accident one of their bus drivers caused.