Insurance companies often turn to those involved in an accident for a recorded statement following the incident. They will usually request one early on so that they receive the information when it is fresh in the individual’s mind. Unfortunately, these recorded statements can be more harmful to a claimant than they can be helpful. This is why our accident attorneys in Trenton, New Jersey are here to address the following question many accident victims often ask them:

Should I provide a recorded statement to my insurer after an accident?

It is not recommended that you provide a recorded statement to an insurance agent or adjuster after an accident to avoid having them use this against you which could ultimately cause you to lose out on the benefits you may be entitled to receive.  In fact, we always recommend that if you were recently involved in an auto accident that you consult with one of our Trenton, NJ accident attorneys first so they help you understand your rights in the matter and as an accident victim.
Now, you are probably wondering how a recorded statement can be used against you seeing that you are simply providing information regarding the accident so we are breaking it down even further for you. Below you will see just how your recorded statement can be less beneficial to your case than you would think.

  1. Right after an accident, if you haven’t hired an accident lawyer to represent you, you are un-coached and unprepared to answer questions an agent asks. You might make a “damaging admission during a recorded interview” which would increase the value of the other party’s claim.
  2. When you make a statement, you might say one thing, but mean another. And because the insurance agent isn’t going to try and clarify what you mean, they may just take your words and misconstrue them to mean something different which could affect your claim and your ability to obtain benefits.
  3. If another party is trying to hold you accountable for causing an accident even though you may not be at-fault, the other party’s accident attorney will use your statement as ammo to convince others you were at-fault based on what you said.
  4. You might estimate an inaccurate speed that the other vehicle was traveling at which would discredit your other claims. If your estimates were wrong, what else might you be wrong about? Perhaps that you weren’t the one who caused the accident?

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While some accident cases are easier to get through, some result in serious damage or injury and are required to be taken before a judge and jury. Regardless of where your case is taken to, you shouldn’t rush to provide a recorded statement as you don’t want to jeopardize having your accident claim paid. While you do want to avoid giving a statement, you don’t want to wait to hire an accident lawyer in Trenton, NJ. They can be your guide on how to deal with your insurance company and represent you in the event your case is taken before a court. works with some of the best and most reliable accident attorneys in the city of Trenton, New Jersey and we would love to help you get paired up with one. Contact us now to speak with an agent.