Santa Fe, NM – Motor vehicle accidents that result in various forms of injury and property damage happen every day in New Mexico and around the country. Because of the possibility of accidents and injuries, drivers have to essentially share the potential costs of accidents by purchasing auto insurance from a provider in their state. While basic liability insurance is a requirement in every state, the laws that require drivers to carry insurance and proof of coverage while driving are a little different in each jurisdiction. Any driver can get information from a commercial insurance provider to review their policy requirements. 

Drivers in New Mexico must possess minimum coverage amounts

The New Mexico Motor Vehicle Division website lists some information about car insurance requirements and basic coverage that must be included in all policies. When someone purchases insurance from a legitimate provider in the state, it will contain at least these coverage amounts. 

There must be up to $25,000 available for the bodily injuries or fatal injuries to one person, $50,000 for accidents that injure two or more people, and up to $10,000 in property damage costs for each individual accident

The government has created a database of insured drivers that can be accessed by certain government employees such as law enforcement officers and motor vehicle division employees. Insurance companies should provide information about each compliant driver to the database. When a driver fails to buy insurance, or the insurance provider does not provide proof of insurance to the database, a driver can have their credentials suspended. The state also prosecutes issues with fraud when drivers attempt to illegally provide information from fraudulent documents. Proof of insurance is also required when a vehicle is first registered with the state. 

Insurance may not be sufficient to cover all losses

Insurance claims will assist with covering property damage and injuries as described in these policy requirements, however there are many accidents that cause much more severe problems. The minimum requirements by law that essentially cover up to $50,000 worth of injuries in an accident will certainly not be sufficient for serious accidents that require extensive medical treatment, the victim loses wages and misses time from work, and continued health problems may linger. 

For most victims, the only way to try to receive additional compensation is through a civil accident lawsuit. There are attorneys who focus on meeting with clients after their accident and discuss representation and the possible outcome of the case. All injured drivers have the right to utilize this process and make the party responsible pay for their losses if they choose to do so. 

Learning about the possibility of a lawsuit is a website that lists licensed lawyers throughout the entire country. Anyone who needs help after an accident in Santa Fe or any other American city can choose their location and a practice area to get more information.