While it may be tempting to not want to deal with things like lawsuits or insurance claims after accidents that do not cause serious damage or injuries, it is usually a better long term solution to get the appropriate help after an accident. At minimum, a lawyer should be contacted for a consultation to have a brief conversation.
A suspected drunk driver slammed her vehicle into an Albuquerque Police Department car causing property damage, but the officers on the scene managed to avoid any life-threatening injuries.
Drunk woman caught on video driving into a police car

A police officer’s body camera captured the driver going into a patrol car as they were investigating another incident involving a fatal car accident.
The video shows her slam into the parked police car on I-40 at night. Shortly after the crash, she was talking to the officers on the scene and answering their questions, and then she appears to act unconscious to avoid further interaction with them. Before she stopped responding, the suspect did admit to drinking earlier at a nightclub in the downtown area. The female suspect was taken to the local hospital, but released a few hours later without any apparent trauma. The officer was also transported away from the scene by an ambulance and received further treatment for non-life threatening injuries.
The woman was charged with DWI and did not appear to have any other criminal records or convictions.The accident only resulted in minor damage to the vehicles and no one was seriously injured.
What actions should be taken?
Even when a drunk driver only causes minor damage or injuries, it can still be beneficial to look into the possibility of filing a lawsuit along with any relevant insurance claims. The monetary amounts associated with car repairs or short term medical treatment can still be significant, and it is best to utilize any available outlet to receive appropriate compensation rather than just ignoring the problem or trying to pay for it on your own.
It is also beneficial to keep any records related to property damage or medical treatment. Sometimes, what initially appears to be a minor problem may end up becoming much more expensive over time. Usually, the person responsible for causing the initial accident will also be responsible for these damages that occur later if they are related to the same incident.
Ultimately, it is best to speak with a lawyer who routinely deals with car accidents and get their advice before taking any kind of action. They will be able to provide guidance that is specific to your situation, which may include filing a lawsuit after a minor accident.
An accident lawyer can provide further information
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