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Life is full of hazards that we don’t notice until we are being swept up in an accident and by then it’s too late. In many cases, dangerous situations are created by carelessness, laziness, and inattention. Negligence on behalf of one or more parties is often the cause of most accidents regardless of where they occur.

Traffic Accidents

New York is a populous state with millions of people commuting by bus, bicycle, car, foot and train. That’s a lot of movement and plenty of opportunities for a traffic accident to happen in New York. Data from the New York Department of Transportation, there were a total of 299,452 crashes in 2014 which resulted in 966 deaths.

Bicycle, car, motorcycle and pedestrian accidents can leave a victim with severe injuries that require extensive medical treatment, rehabilitation and can cost a victim week or months of work. A traffic accident can result in months of recovery and chronic pain.

Property Accidents

Accidents also happen off the road in apartment buildings, businesses, shops and on sidewalks. Property accidents often entail falls which remain a leading cause of unintentional deaths in the U.S. Head trauma and broken bones typical injuries

The following are common property accidents in New York:

Elevator accident

Slippery Stairs

Uneven floors

Ice or snow-covered sidewalks

Dog bites or attacks

Accidental drowning

You can also file an accident claim for the following:

Nursing home abuse

Defective product

Accidental shooting

The injuries sustained in an accident of any type can cause the victim to suffer chronic pain. In some cases, pain management may be a victim’s best option for dealing with their chronic pain. Below is a short list of pain management clinics in New York:

Pain Management Clinic

825 7th Ave, New York, NY 10019


Mount Sinai – Pain Management Services

Mount Sinai, 5 E 98th St # 6, New York, NY 10029


Albany Center for Pain Management

116 Everett Rd, Albany, NY 12205

Why Does Having an Accident Attorney in New York Matter?

Some accidents are minor, and the victims are lucky enough to walk away with cuts and bruises. If your accident was minor, you can accept a settlement and move on, but if you suffered severe injuries, you might have to fight for an amount that completely covers all your accident related-related expenses. An accident attorney in New York knows the laws that apply to your case.

New York Accident Laws

All states have different rules about how accident claims are handled. For instance, New York has no-fault insurance rules for auto accidents, which requires an accident victim to file their claim with their insurance company.

The above rule and other personal injury rules will affect the how your accident claim is resolved. When you retain a personal injury attorney, they will look at the facts of your case and outline your options for recovering compensation. The main goal of an injury attorney is to get you the settlement you need to undo the damage caused by your accident.