Some accidents are so severe that they permanently affect someone’s quality of life and ability to function normally. In these situations, the best thing an attorney can do is make sure that such victims will always have the financial means available for treatment and care, and that the person or business entity responsible for those injuries will have to pay their fair share. While the process for filing a lawsuit related to an accident that causes severe injuries is not much different from any other accident, an attorney handling such a case has to be mindful of certain issues related to the injuries and their associated costs in order to represent their client in the best way possible.

Driver badly injured after crashing on Belt Parkway
Traffic was affected from about 4 am to 8 am throughout a number of parts of Brooklyn and Queens after a serious accident occurred on the Belt Parkway. Police believe it was a one car accident and only the driver was injured. The car apparently crashed through a guardrail between exits for Pennsylvania Ave and Erskine Street. After this initial impact, the car overturned as it entered the woods nearby. The driver remained stuck in the car for a long span of time after the accident, and he was transported to Brookdale Hospital with serious leg injuries.
It seems that the driver will survive, but the full extent of his injuries was unknown.
Severe injuries after an accident
Catastrophic injuries are treated a little differently from other civil lawsuits because of the complexity of the element of damages. If someone can no longer do basic things like work, walk, or take care of themselves after the injury, a calculation of damages can factor these problems into a settlement agreement or judgment. The defendant or their insurance may have to pay for permanent care and medical treatment related to these kinds of injuries for the rest of the person’s life. If the person can no longer work, their projected lost wages for the remainder of their career can also be factored into this amount of damages. There may even be other related economic and non-economic damages that an attorney can try to obtain on a client’s behalf. Overall, the monetary amounts can be significant and they may end up coming from a number of different sources.
How does an accident attorney help?
After this accident it is likely that the driver will have limited functionality of his legs. This is a life altering event, and a lawyer needs to find out whether something like a defect in the car, another driver, or road conditions caused the accident and hold them responsible. A civil lawsuit will assign a value to the cost of these treatments for everything related to the accident.
An experienced accident attorney can come up with a comprehensive strategy for making sure a person who is seriously injured is compensated and treated appropriately. This may require obtaining a number of different records, visits to medical specialists, depositions from various professionals, filing insurance claims, and additional lawsuits. Sometimes, this can be a long process, and it is necessary to retain the help of a motivated and focused attorney who will give your case the attention it deserves.
A lawyer who deals with accidents and severe injuries can give you legal advice today
The only way to find out exactly how much money your injuries are worth is to speak to an accident attorney and tell them the specifics of your situation. Jeremy Schiowitz is available to help people with serious injuries all over Brooklyn and the rest of New York City.