With two major highways passing through Lexington, KY, the scope for vehicle accidents is high. Vehicle accidents can lead to injuries or death as well as damage to property. Kentucky has laws in place to ensure that all vehicles are insured to reduce the financial liabilities of accident victims. Kentucky is one of the few states in the country with an opt-out no-fault PIP or personal injury protection insurance.
Personal injury protection
Personal injury protection coverage in a vehicle insurance refers to the compensation provided for vehicle accident victims by the insurance. Under Kentucky laws, insurance companies must automatically include a no-fault PIP coverage. This means that if people have been injured in a vehicle accident, the occupants of a vehicle are covered or compensated by the insurance provider who covers the car, regardless of who was at fault. If a pedestrian has been injured, the insurance company will also compensate them. They will need a Lexington, KY accident lawyer though.

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This PIP coverage also means that those covered by it waive their right to ask for compensation from the at-fault driver or their insurance company unless the amount needed to compensate for the cost of medical treatment, wage loss, and pain and suffering endured is greater than the prescribed amount.
Choosing no-fault PIP
While Kentucky expects insurance companies to include the no-fault PIP in insurance coverage they provide, customers can opt out of this in writing. When this option is picked, the customers will have to sue the at-fault driver for compensation. They will need a Lexington, KY accident attorney in this situation. Also and furthermore, they can be sued by other drivers if they are at fault in an accident.
Impact of no-fault pip on accident compensation claims
As Kentucky as a no-fault PIP for vehicle users, those who have suffered from injuries in a vehicle accident can immediately file a case for compensation from their insurer. They need to approach the other party only if they require extensive medical treatment and additional compensation.
However, accident victims and their families should immediately retain the service of a Lexington, KY accident lawyer, for two reasons. The legal professional will examine the various medical expenses and other financial impact of the accident and assess how much the insurance company should pay the injured person.

Moreover, while the no-fault PIP prevents a person injured in an accident from claiming compensation from the at-fault person for the injuries, they can still file a claim for compensation for damage to the vehicle since this will come under property damage. For this, the Lexington, KY accident lawyer, will first assess the evidence about the accident including the police report, if any, and determine who was at fault.
If the legal representative finds that there is enough evidence to show that the other driver was at fault for the accident, then they will file a claim against their insurance company for compensation for the damage to their vehicle and their person. If the insurance company does not agree to settle the claim, the lawyer can use the same evidence collected to file a case in court to obtain compensation on your behalf.
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