Gastonia NC personal injury Lawyer
When personal injury lawyers in North Carolina review damages with clients some of the common considerations include medical expenses, lost wages, and pain and suffering. Your lawyer may also consider any rehabilitation expenses you may have had to pay as a result of your injuries. Yet, there are many diverse ways that victims lives are changed following an accident—and some losses can be easily overlooked. Here are three ways that accidents can affect victims’ lives—and a brief assessment on the possible physical, psychological, and financial impact that these consequences can have.

  1. Social difficulties. A study published in the journal Injury noted the lack of proper research into the long-term social effects of personal injury on victims suffering from musculoskeletal pain after an accident. A personal injury, even a minor one, can affect a person’s ability to return to work or to engage in normal social and life activities. While many lawyers will calculate the value of lost wages, it is also important to also consider the social value or other activities, including exercise, hobbies, and ability to participate in home and family life. Inability to resume former activities, can result in psychological distress, and can be devastating for victims and families. The impact of injuries on a person’s ability to participate socially should be considered.
  2. Child Care. Being unable to do housework or to perform childcare can be difficult for families after an accident takes place. Victims may not be as mobile as they were before an accident, or they may simply be unable to perform the physically demanding role of caring for children while recovering from a personal injury. In North Carolina, the average cost of childcare is $8,868 a year, according to the Boston Globe. For most middle class families, having to pay for outside childcare to replace an ailing parent can be devastating financially and emotionally.
  3. Life expectancy. Some personal injuries can reduce your life expectancy. For instance, slip and fall victims or victims of nursing home abuse and neglect may lose some mobility after an injury. This can lead to further health complications down the line. While proper rehabilitation can often mitigate the worst effects of some injuries, not all victims receive the care that they need. A personal injury lawyer in Gastonia North Carolina can assist victims by ensuring that they receive the proper care and rehabilitation that they need and deserve. Damages for personal injury can often help cover some of this long-term care.

If you’ve suffered a personal injury whether in a car accident, in a slip and fall, or through other means, it is important to seek out qualified representation to ensure that you are properly compensated for all the ways an accident can affect your life and the lives of those you love. A personal injury lawyer in North Carolina can speak to you about your lifestyle and circumstances before and after your accident to properly assess your case. Visit or call 704-867-1113

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