I was involved in an accident and there isn’t clear evidence that displays who was at fault? How will police decide who caused the accident?
In the state of North Carolina, it is imperative that fault be placed on the right party after an accident. North Carolina follows a very strict set of laws and only allows a victim to attempt to recover funds from a driver who is 100% guilty of causing the accident. While some states follow the comparative negligence law which states that if you are partially responsible for an accident that your compensation be reduced by that percentage, North Carolina follows something different.
Therefore, if you were recently involved in a collision in Cary, NC and are wondering what officers may do in the event it becomes a challenge to assign fault, one of the things they might do is reconstruct the accident scene.

Why do police reconstruct an accident scene?

If you have ever wondered why it takes so long for officers to clear up an accident scene, one of the reasons why is because they could be working on reconstructing the accident. When an officer reconstructs an accident, they try and determine what happened, who caused the accident, and why it occurred. According to Crash Forensics, police will also investigate the accident scene with the intention to:

  • Determine if any criminal action took place.
  • If speeding occurred.
  • If the accident was a result of an hours-of-service violation.
  • If there were any mechanical violations.
  • If alcohol or drug use contributed to the accident.

Officers will also investigate measurements, skid marks, scrub marks, etc. along with the vehicles. During the investigation, officers will gather as much information as possible to form their conclusion on what happened in an accident and why.

What if I was at-fault for causing an accident?

In many cases, fault is difficult to determine, however, in other cases, it is easily identifiable. While you don’t want to come forward right after an accident and state you caused it and that it was all your fault, if you are under the impression that you may have played a role in causing the crash, simply provide the details of how it happened. You can let police as well as the insurance company make the final decision.
And if you do believe they will conclude that you caused the accident or were partially at-fault, consider hiring an accident lawyer in Cary, NC. You may have sustained injuries too and your vehicle might need some repairs before you can get it back on the road. Therefore, you don’t want to lose out on receiving compensation that could help you, even if you were partially liable for causing the crash.
The best thing to do in this situation is get your free consultation scheduled with one of our accident lawyers in the city of Cary and provide them with all the information you have. They will gladly inform you on what options you have for recovering compensation and what you may be held accountable for based on North Carolina’s laws.
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