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A product liability claim can be filed in Charlotte, NC when a person becomes injured or their health is harmed by a defective product. Usually this occurs in one of three ways:

  • Manufacturing defect
  • Failure to provide warning
  • Design defect

Some examples include:

  • A defect in an airbag that deflates randomly hurting the driver or passenger
  • coli present in certain frozen foods that brings upon a serious illness
  • A shampoo that causes a person’s hair to fall out without warning that hair loss could result from using the product.

When there is a defect or an issue with a design, usually a recall is issued but not always are people able to avoid getting injured from these faulty items or hazardous foods.
How Can a Charlotte, NC Accident Lawyer Help Me File a Product Liability Claim?
In most cases, these companies or manufacturers carry insurance coverage to protect them when things like this occur. Therefore, you are going to need to get into contact with the company and find out what their process entails to file a claim for damages. This can be confusing and time consuming for the average individual which is why you might want to consider hiring an accident attorney in Charlotte, NC who can take charge and handle all this for you.
Keep in mind that there aren’t any strict liability laws (§ 99B-1.2.) in place for an individual to file a product liability claim but sometimes these companies aren’t willing to put up the money injury victims are entitled to. Your injuries might be causing you to feel depressed, sick, or even struggling to carry on with your normal day to day routines. You didn’t ask for these injuries to arise and it isn’t fair to have to sit back and let these manufacturers, designers, or companies just let your claim go.
If you believe the harm that has been imposed on you is because a product you purchased was defective, give us a call immediately to ensure you are paired up with the perfect product liability lawyer in the city of Charlotte today.
When am I Not Permitted to File a Claim for a Product Liability Injury?
Below are some examples of when you might not have a viable product liability case on your hands.

  • You cannot hold a manufacturer or seller accountable if you knew or discovered a defect or dangerous condition with the product and then unreasonably or voluntarily exposed yourself to the danger which resulted in your injury.
  • No manufacturer or seller will be held accountable for product liability injuries for a claim that is based upon inadequate warning or instruction unless the claimant can prove that the manufacturer or seller acted unreasonable in neglecting to provide such warning.

On the other hand, if the manufacturer was aware that the product they were putting on the shelves of stores for consumers to buy was hazardous but didn’t provide any type of warning, they may be liable for injuries incurred.
Whether you have recently incurred injuries from a faulty product, were involved in an auto accident, or sustained injuries on a construction site, our featured accident attorneys practicing in Charlotte, NC can provide their legal expertise to get you a favorable outcome for your case.

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