What is a demand letter and do I need to send one?
One of the first steps in filing a personal injury claim is drafting a demand letter to the person who you are looking to hold accountable for your injury. If you were involved in auto accident, you slipped and fell on a business’ property, or you were involved in some other sort of accident that caused you to suffer, you likely want to collect compensation for your injuries. That is the purpose of filing a personal injury claim.
Now, the purpose of a demand letter is to notify the person, who is also considered as the defendant, that you are going to file a claim against them. This gives them a chance to notify their insurer that you plan on taking action against them and their business, if applicable. Some things that should be included in your demand letter include:

  • Facts regarding the incident.
  • The injuries you sustained as a result of the accident.
  • The total amount you are requesting for your damages.

Before attempting to handle the case on your own, it is highly recommended that you hire an accident lawyer in Greenville, North Carolina who specializes in personal injury law. This professional is going to guide you through the entire personal injury claims process and help you to avoid making any mistakes that could potentially jeopardize your settlement.
In most cases, once a party and their insurance company are notified that a claim is being brought against them, and they know they engaged in negligent behavior that resulted in the accident, they may be inclined to settle the claim before it is taken before a judge. Most insurance companies would much rather try to form some sort of agreement to avoid paying court costs and other incurred fees involved in the court process.
Something else to be cognizant of is that you also don’t want to accept a settlement offer that isn’t favorable to you. With the assistance our Greenville, NC accident attorneys can provide, you avoid accepting a settlement that is far lower than what your actual injuries are worth.

Where would I file my claim in Greenville, NC for the damages I sustained in an accident?

If you are trying to file a claim for $10,000 or less, your claim would go through Small Claims Court. The office that serves individuals in Greenville, NC looking to file a claim in Small Claims Court is located at:
301 South Evans Street, Suite 102
Greenville, NC 27858
Anyone age 18 years or older are given the right to file a lawsuit with the North Carolina court system. Now, if you are seeking more than $10,000, then your Greenville, NC accident attorney can help get your lawsuit filed in the appropriate court.
To get connected with a local accident attorney in Greenville, NC now, call USAttorneys.com. All of the lawyers featured on our site have years of experience in the field and can assure that your claim will be handled properly.