Tips for Those Who Have Been Involved in a Hit-and-Run Auto Accident
Hit-and-run accidents occur more often than you might think. A driver may back into your vehicle while trying to maneuver out of a parking lot or someone may hit you from behind and instantly drive away. It isn’t uncommon for our accident lawyers in High Point, North Carolina to be approached and asked how to handle this type of situation as many victims are at a loss for words when it happens.
However, as shocking and discouraged as you might be feeling, if you were recently involved in a hit-and-run accident in High Point, we encourage you to take this opportunity and reach out to us now. Our accident and injury lawyers can assist you when dealing with your insurance company and ensure your claim is paid even though there are missing pieces to your auto accident case such as who hit your car.
While there are times where it is impossible to determine who it is that hit your vehicle, there are resources that could help you get to the bottom of this hit-and-run mystery. Therefore, below are some tips that you can use when involved in a hit-and-run that will be useful when trying to identify who the perpetrator was that felt it was fine to leave you and your dented automobile all alone.

  1. Witnesses- More often than you might think there are people who may have caught a glimpse of the entire accident. It is important that you try and talk to any bystanders who may have been present at any point from when the time the vehicle hit your car to the time if fled away. Any information including a license plate number, vehicle type, tag number, etc. can be useful to you at this point.


  1. Use Your Surrounding Resources- Aside from witnesses, there may have been a video surveillance camera in the area in which your hit-and-run accident transpired. For example, if you were in a parking lot, there is a good chance the store has a camera that video records activity going on in the parking lot. You or your accident lawyer in High Point, NC can speak with a store manager to see if their video shows any part of your accident.


  1. Take advantage of the help our accident lawyers in High Point can provide you with. Car crash victims often overlook how influential a lawyer can be to their car accident claim and the benefits they bring to the table. If your injuries are serious and you want help in getting compensation to cover these accrued expenses, we can connect you with the best legal aid out there.

It is illegal to hit a vehicle and flee the scene which means not only can you hold a person accountable for engaging in this act, but can also push for punitive damages which serves as a form of punishment to that individual.
Once we connect you with a local accident attorney in High Point, NC, be sure to ask your attorney about the various damages you are entitled to collect and how you can file for punitive damages once the perpetrator has been identified.