North Dakota Woman Dies After Getting Trapped Inside a Large Bin of Sunflower Seeds

As a North Dakota woman was helping unload sunflower seeds on the Glinz Farm near Pingree, she slipped into a large bin, or vat containing the seeds and was unable to get out [Source: Daily Mail]. Workers on the farm immediately began trying to help rescue the woman by cutting holes into the side of the bin. Unfortunately, they were unable to free her. Fire and rescue crews then arrived at the farm and attempted to get the woman out by drilling more holes.

After first responders were able to free the woman, they attempted to save her by performing CPR, but it wasn’t enough. The woman, who was only 56 years old, was pronounced dead at the farm. While workers say she was wearing a harness at the time of the incident, it was not attached to anything.

When an employee is required to work around large bins or silos that contain grains, sunflower seeds, wheat, oats, etc. all safety measures, including those recommended by the Occupational Safety AND Health Administration (OSHA), must be followed to ensure a worker’s safety is never put at risk.


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