Were You or a Loved One Injured in an Accident in the State of North Dakota?

The steps following an accident aren’t always the easiest to understand. With the help of one of our featured North Dakota accident attorneys, you could be on your way to receiving useful advice and helpful guidance as you initiate a claim that is going to get you the compensation you deserve.

Accidents arise in many forms. You could be driving down the street when another vehicle collides into you. You could working in an unsafe environment that has led to you break a limb or worse, cause you to become permanently disabled. Although most accidents are going to be different as each has some unique additive, the laws and regulations surrounding most types where injuries were sustained are the same. If you were recently injured in any sort of accident in North Dakota, you may be entitled to compensation after filing a claim.


Understanding North Dakota’s Laws

Although you may feel that your circumstances warrant you to receive payment immediately for the accrued medical bills and those that are soon to follow, you are going to want to understand how your sates laws could affect the outcome of your claim. Because there are some many forms an accident can take, some common types and the laws protecting you should you become injured are provided below.

According to section 32-12.2-02, the state can only be held liable for monetary damages for an injury that was caused by the negligence or wrongful act of a state employee who acted  within the employee’s scope of employment “under circumstances in which the employee would be personally liable to a claimant in accordance with the laws of this state, or an injury caused from some condition or use of tangible property under circumstances in which the state, if a private person, would be liable to the claimant.”

If your accident was caused by an intoxicated driver, whether you were riding a bicycle, driving your car, or walking across the street, per section 39-08-06, they are expected to remain at the scene until they have met all requirements provided in this section.

If the accident caused has resulted in the death of your loved one or your unborn baby, as per section 39-08-01.2., they shall be charged with vehicular homicide. This will not only increase the chances of you attaining justice for your pain and suffering, but it punishes those for causing it.

Section 39-08-03 states that should anyone operate their vehicle in a reckless manner and violate the provisions of this section are subjected to being charged with a class B misdemeanor.


An Accident Lawyer in North Dakota Can Help to Make Sense of Your Recent Account

With the numerous laws and various ways in which you can hold someone liable for the injuries you have sustained, it can be overwhelming to decide how you want to go about filing an accident claim. Here at USAttorneys.com, we provide you with a free service that helps you find and hire a local North Dakota accident attorney who is more than willing to assist with this.

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