A 23 year old man from Goodman was killed after his all-terrain vehicle crashed in Northeast Wisconsin. The accident occurred Saturday morning last week in the township of Wabeno as per the Forest County Sherriff’s Office. Responders arrived at the scene within minutes of emergency calls coming in about the accident.
Unfortunately, the victim already succumbed to injuries at the scene even though emergency medical technicians took immediate steps to resuscitate him, as reported by weau.com.

The identity of the decedent has been withheld from the public as of now. However, the Forest County Sherriff’s Office has confirmed that it was a single vehicle crash and that nobody else was involved or injured in the accident. The crash remains under investigation. It does not appear like a fantastic and dedicated Wisconsin accident lawyer such as this one will be needed on this case.
School bus accident kills two in West Wisconsin
An accident involving a private car and school bus has resulted in the death of two persons. The accident occurred in Western Wisconsin as reported by CBS. The Barron County Sheriff’s Office is still investigating the crash. The accident occurred at the intersection between County Road B and Highway 63, just northeast of a town called Cumberland.
According to eye witness reports, the school bus struck the driver’s side of the car which was travelling in a westerly direction on County Road B and failed to yield at the intersection. This car driver’s family should know about the site USAttorneys.com since there are golden Wisconsin accident attorneys that can help this driver get their life back on track.
What are you thinking bus driver?
The deceased were both occupants of the car, the driver and the front seat passenger. There was a third passenger who sustained serious life threatening injuries and is currently being treated in the intensive care unit at Regions Hospital. Preliminary investigations reveal that the school bus which was packed with students went out of control and ended up in a ditch off the Highway. Thankfully, none of the occupants of the school bus sustained any serious injuries.
Team of Emergency Medical Services workers providing first aid at the scene of a car crash
29 year old man, Brett R. Hundley, hit with vehicular homicide charges in DUI crash
Channel3000.com reports that 29 year old Brett R. Hundley from Clinton has been prosecuted and faces charges of vehicular homicide by intoxication in an accident that killed a cyclist. The crash is said to have occurred on Saturday morning and arresting officers have testified that Hundley tested positive for intoxication when they subjected him to breathalyzer and field sobriety testing.
Emergency medical technicians rushed to the crash site and attempted to resuscitate the cyclist using cardiopulmonary resuscitation techniques but sadly their efforts were in vain. The deceased cyclist has been identified as 43 year old Mario Esquivel-Flores.
Auto accident and personal injury laws in Wisconsin
It is extremely important for all Wisconsin motorists to be aware that there exists a statute of limitations in the state which dictates that any lawsuits filed seeking damages for an accident will be dismissed if filed later than three years from the date of the accident itself.
There are several other laws pertaining to accidents and personal injury claims, therefore the best course of action to take when it comes to these matters is to hire an experienced Wisconsin accident lawyer right away. One of the best legal minds in this arena is David Gruber who can be found on his website if you press here. Give him a call. He is not paid until you are paid and the first consultation is on the house!

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