You can play with the numbers and study the facts all day long. But when it comes to Connecticut car accident numbers, you just have to wish things were better. Perhaps autonomous cars are the answer but that is another topic.

Connecticut has 3,590,886 souls and in 2015 there were 253 fatal crashes with 266 fatalities according to IIHS which is the Insurance Institute for Highway Safety. This is 7.4 deaths per 100,000 people which is below the mean or below the average but still nothing to really be excited about. Any death is tragic. Any life cut short because of someone’s negligence or someone’s carelessness, perhaps the driver themselves, is severally disappointing.

Red deer stag crossing a busy road

Deer do not hire accident lawyers in Norwalk, CT nor use to find that outstanding legal help but hitting a deer is still no fun and it can be costly.

Victims of car accidents can file a civil lawsuit in order to recover damages inflicted upon them as a result of the car accident. This could be a personal injury lawsuit, a property damage lawsuit, or a wrongful death lawsuit depending on what exactly transpired in the auto accident.
Types of damages in car accident cases
As explained by fabulous car accident lawyers in Norwalk, CT, these lawsuits allow for the victim to claim and receive compensation that can be classified into three types, namely, economic damages, non-economic damages, and punitive damages. Economic damages are those where the victim suffered from financial loss directly as a result of the auto accident. A couple of examples of economic damages could be things like loss of pay, medical expenses, repair bills, and so forth.
On the other hand, non-economic damages are a little more subjective in nature and cannot be quantified as easily as economic damages (where you can use evidence like bills, pay slips, etc). Non-economic damages include mental anguish, pain and suffering, and so on.
As mentioned, it is not easy to put a price tag on such damages and in many states there are caps or limitations as to what the maximum amount is that can be awarded as total non-economic damages. Accident lawyers in Connecticut point out that pain and suffering is one of the common types of non-economic damages that a victim can complain. It is important to understand what it is exactly and how legal pros go about extrapolating the worth of pain and suffering in an auto accident lawsuit.
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How to determine pain and suffering
As the name suggests, pain and suffering refers to the physical pain and torment that a car accident victim may have had to go through due to the injuries inflicted upon him or her in an auto accident. There are a few ways in which it is quantified monetarily, according to Norwalk, CT accident attorneys.
The multiplier method
Legal experts reiterate that this is the method which is most commonly used in car accident cases. Total medical bills, lost wages, and repair bills (economic damages) are multiplied by a certain factor (usually 2 or sometimes even 3) and the resulting sum is quoted as the total for pain and suffering.
Sometimes, it is a little more complicated than just simple multiplication. Some legal counselors use automated algorithms or software in order to compute the multiplication factor.
Either way, these methods are being used on a consistent basis. Based on the same source above, single vehicle crashes were more widespread than multiple vehicle car crashes which involved a death. In Connecticut, there were 302 single vehicle wrecks and 244 multiple car vehicle car wrecks. 59%, in other words, were single vehicle car wrecks which again, incorporated a lost life. More people need to be careful!
The daily rate method
Another commonly used method to extrapolate pain and suffering is to use what is known as a daily rate method where a price per day is determined and then multiplied by the number of days when you were subjected to said “pain and suffering”. Some other legal representatives use both methods and then consider the average between the two numbers as the final claim value.
An auto accident lawyer in Connecticut is the right person to contact if you are involved in a car accident and wish to evaluate how much your claim is truly worth.

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