Austin, TX- The National Traffic Safety Board released their preliminary report on the Texas bus crash that thirteen people in early April which found that the at-fault driver swerved on the highway over fifty times. The report fell short of assigning the primary cause of the accident, but they identified a few possible causes.
The March 29th Accident
On March 29th, Texas resident Jody Kuchler was traveling on U.S. 83 near Garner State Park which is about 75 miles west of San Antonio when his girlfriend saw truck weaving all over the road. She took out her cell phone and began filming the truck, capturing the driver crossing over the center line and driving onto the grassy shoulder alongside the road.
Kuchler also called the police to report the reckless driver, but they wouldn’t find him in time.
What Kuchler didn’t know is that after she began filming, the truck would crash head-on into a church bus carrying 14 passengers. Only the pickup driver, a 20-year-old man, and one passenger on the church bus survived the crash, the San Antonio Express-News reports.
The truck was traveling 71 mph in a 70-mph zone when he hit the bus, so there was a lot of force behind the crash.

Was Texting and Driving the Cause?
The NTSB did not list the cause of the accident in their preliminary report, but the driver made statements to investigators and witnesses that indicate he was texting at the time of the crash. Fox News reports that the driver told witnesses at the scene he had been texting before the accident and told NTSB investigators he was checking for an incoming text when the accident occurred.
It seems clear that texting may have played a role in the crash, but there may be other causes which are the likely reason the NTSB didn’t want to pinpoint a cause. The truck driver admitted to taken different prescription drugs including Clonazepam pills and generic versions of Ambien and Lexapro. Investigators also found marijuana in the man’s truck.
Toxicology tests are pending.

Why Should Accident Victims Hire an Injury Lawyer?
The blame for this accident is apparent, but that isn’t true for all traffic accidents. Sometimes the cause of an accident isn’t clear, and the issue of liability can make recovering compensation difficult. For those reasons, accident victims should consult with an accident lawyer. With an attorney’s assistance, you can identify the responsible party or parties and begin the process of recovering compensation.
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