One nursing home in Washington, the Life Care Center, is now being seen as the epicenter of the virus in America after it reported seven of its resident’s recent deaths were caused by the coronavirus. From the beginning, there was a fear that the virus would spread in areas such as nursing homes where there are many seniors housed under one roof.

The reason this scenario was so feared was that COVID-19 has detrimental effects on the elderly and towards those who are already suffering in their health. In the young and healthy, catching the virus will feel much like the flue, but in the elderly, it can quickly become a life and death situation.

Apart from the seven residents who died due to coronavirus, there were two more deaths and the unfortunate truth is no one knows whether these patients died of coronavirus or other causes. This is incredibly worrying as it implies that all the residents have not been tested for the virus despite the clear need for it.

One individual who lost her mother claims that her mother had received excellent care at Life Care Center for seven years but just passed away due to the coronavirus.  She further stated that she now has concerns over the resources and education of the staff members because when she called prior to her mothers’ death she was told that her mothers’ condition was stable, even though she knew it was clearly not.

Why is the coronavirus spreading so fast?

The coronavirus has spread across the globe over the last few weeks even though serious precautionary measures are being taken by the government and by healthcare facilities. The virus just won’t be tamed and there may be quite a few reasons why this is the case.

The problem with Life Care Center and so many other healthcare facilities appear to be the slow pace at which patients are being tested and diagnosed. However, all efforts are being made to try and speed up the process. The main reason for such slow testing is because of a lack of medical equipment and the testing procedure itself, which needs to be carried out very carefully and that obviously takes more time then can be afforded at this point.

Another problem is the lack of appropriate quarantine measures being enforced. An individual who has his father-in-law residing in Life Care Center said his father-in-law was invited to go and walk outside despite the fact the facility is supposed to be under a proper quarantine.

The coronavirus is extremely dangerous for the elderly and if anyone has a senior relative who they feel like has been exposed to the virus should not hesitate in going in and getting them checked up by a doctor. This is not a risk that anyone should be taking and as the coronavirus continues to spread without showing any real signs of coming to an end, or even slowing down, these measures should be practiced by all individuals across the globe.