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Recent traffic data analysis from AAA found that drowsy driving is responsible for an estimated one on five traffic accidents.

Syracuse, NY- In 2015, the Centers for Disease Control identified sleep deprivation as a national health crisis and problem hasn’t gotten any better. The CDC estimates that 50 to 75 million Americans suffer from a sleep or wakefulness disorder and any one of these tired drivers could cause a traffic accident.
Recent Drowsy Driving Accident 
Drowsy driving is a problem everywhere, even in New York State as demonstrated by a recent traffic crash. Fortunately, the at-fault driver who fell asleep and their passenger were not seriously injured. reports that the crash occurred around 9:00 a.m. on Sunday, June 11, 2017, on Onondaga Lake Parkway in Salina. Police told the paper that a 20-year-old motorist fell asleep while driving and drifted into oncoming lanes and hit a guardrail. His vehicle was launched into the air and rolled over several times.
The vehicle came to rest on the roof, but miraculously the driver suffered only minor injuries. His passenger had a minor arm injury.
This accident could have been much worse and ended tragically as some fatigued driving accidents do.
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Take action and get the advice of a personal injury lawyer in Syracuse if you were hit by a fatigued motorist.

How big of a Problem is Drowsy Driving?
Americans just don’t get enough sleep and the feel the effects throughout the day, even when they are behind the wheel. Motorists fail to correlate sleepiness with danger but when in a car or a commercial truck drowsy or fatigued driving has lethal potential.
Last year, after analyzing fatal crash data from the National Traffic Safety Administration, the American Automobile Association found that drowsy or fatigued driving accounts for one in five fatal crashes in the U.S. a report from the Governors Highway Safety Association, drowsy driving is responsible for 109,000 injuries and 6,400 deaths on American streets.
Below are some risk factors associated with fatigued driving accidents:
Working third shift
Being a male between the ages of 16 and 24
Driving between midnight and 6 a.m.
Undiagnosed sleep disorder
Drowsy, fatigued or sleepy drivers can easily lose control and set a devastating crash in motion. Drowsiness impairs reaction times and causes drivers to miss important visual cues. Many drowsy drivers are unable to resist falling asleep.
Consult with an Accident Attorney in Syracuse
A traffic accident could leave you with crippling medical costs and an uncertain future if you were severely or permanently injured. The medical expenses, costs of rehabilitation and replacement of your property can be unimaginable. As the victim, you deserve the chance to recover compensation for your pain and suffering. If a driver fell asleep at the wheel and hurt you or a loved one, let connect you with an expert. We have an outstanding team of accident lawyers in Syracuse, New York to help you with your claim.
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