Obtaining Workers Compensation Benefits After Being Struck by an Object on a Construction Site

Miami, FL—Struck-by hazards are often responsible for causing construction worker injuries and deaths. In fact, the Occupational Safety & Health Administration (OSHA) identifies struck-by hazards as one of its top four leading causes of death in the construction industry. There are four types of struck-by hazards that can and do cause worker injuries which include:

  • Struck-by a flying object
  • Struck-by a falling object
  • Struck-by a swinging object
  • Struck-by a rolling object


If a construction worker was struck by a falling, flying, swinging, or rolling object in Miami, Florida and they are looking to obtain workers’ compensation benefits, the lawyers at Mario Trespalacios P.A. are ready to help. Despite how easy the workers’ compensation system is designed to be, employees are often required to jump through hoops just to obtain the medical and cash benefits they are due.


How a Miami, FL Workers’ Compensation Attorney Can Help an Injured Worker After an Accident


Struck-by hazards are known to caused serious or even life-threatening injuries. If a worker’s injuries are serious, they are going to need immediate access to medical care and possibly even cash benefits while they spend their time recovering either at the hospital or at home. Thankfully, a workers’ comp lawyer can assist an injured construction worker with getting their claim filed as quickly as possible.

In addition to helping an injured worker start the claims process, a lawyer will also:

  • Ensure the insurer processes the claim within the required amount of time.
  • Provides the employee with the benefits they are entitled to.
  • Help an injured worker understand their rights, especially if their injury has led to them suffering a permanent disability.
  • Assist with any issues such as a worker having their benefits cut too early.


What if a construction worker was denied workers’ comp benefits?


Miami, FL workers’ compensation attorneys aren’t only called upon to assist with the workers’ comp claims process, but also when an issue arises. If an employer’s insurer has denied a worker access to workers’ comp benefits even when they are entitled to receive them, an attorney can definitely step in and help. Sometimes, benefits are denied because inaccurate information was provided on behalf of the worker while other times, the insurer uses an excuse such as pre-existing conditions to not provide benefits.

Because many workers’ comp claims are denied for invalid reasons, it is recommended for an injured worker in Miami to retain a lawyer who can help them identify the reason for the denial so that they can focus on getting better and getting their life back on track.

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