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When accidents arise, so do injuries. In the state of Ohio, if you are involved in an accident where injuries were sustained, there are certain laws and statutory rules you need to be mindful of to:

  1. Be sure you receive the compensation you are deserving of if you were injured by a negligent or carless individual.
  2. Take responsibility for your portion of the accident in the event you were found at fault for partially causing it.

Understanding Ohio laws can be rather confusing, especially for those who have never found themselves faced with such unfortunate circumstances. This is why hiring a local Ohio accident attorney in your city is your best bet as they are going to take care of the difficult part of your claim, allowing you or your loved one to recover from the injuries you may have sustained.


Ohio Has Caps Set on Claims Filed for Injuries

The Ohio Supreme Court has a few rules set and they will affect your settlement in the event one is awarded. As of right now, the cap for non-economic damages is set at $250,000, or three times the amount of economic damages you suffered from. Non-economic damages would include pain and suffering which is often hard to prove. Economic damages consist of accrued medical expenses, lost wages, costs for repairs, etc. The overall cap on this however, is set at $350,000 which means this is the maximum amount you can receive for this damage.

If you are filing for punitive damages, that award cannot exceed twice the amount of economic damages. Punitive damages are filed to punish the negligent individual or entity if your injury was caused by a company or on government property.


Understanding Accountability in an Ohio Accident

Ohio, unlike some states, follows what is known as a modified comparative negligence rule. This means that the courts are going to look into who was involved in the accident, and who played a role in causing it. If you had some sort of involvement with the cause of the accident, whether it is a car accident or construction site incident, you can be held accountable for some of the blame. The judge overseeing your case or the insurance company if you don’t take it that far, will determine the percentage of fault you carry. If you are under 50% at fault, this amount will be reduced from your settlement, however, if you are 50% or above, you risk not receiving anything from other at-fault parties.


You Are on a Time Constraint to File a Claim for Your Accident

If you haven’t begun the claims process or haven’t initiated a lawsuit, allow an accident attorney in Ohio featured right here on our site to help you do so quickly and accordingly. It is important to keep in mind that you are restricted to a timeframe in which your claim needs to be filed. If you have sustained injuries or a loved one of yours has suffered in an accident caused by a reckless person, you have two years from the date of the accident to file a lawsuit or claim.

We often don’t realize it, but time flies and you don’t want too much to pass in the event you have incurred high medical bills along with lost wages as you weren’t able to work as result of this accident. USAttorneys is only a phone call away and will gladly assist you in finding the best Ohio accident lawyer available.