One of the first things most accident victims do after engaging in an incident is seek medical attention to have their injuries evaluated. Once the injuries are identified and it has been determined as to what type of treatment is going to be required for recovery, many victims stop there and feel there isn’t more they should do. But there is. Did you know that if you were injured by someone or became harmed on another person’s property that there are various types of damages you can collect?
While our accident lawyers in Akron, Ohio are the best professional to provide you with this information, below is some that can help you become more informed on the different types of damages that are available to you. It all depends on your type of accident and the injuries you suffered from.

What types of damages is an accident victim entitled to in the city of Akron, Ohio?

Every accident victim handles the recovery period differently. Some it’s easier for while others tend to have a harder time dealing with the misfortune. Pain and suffering is one type of damage that compensates for this and you might be entitled to collect it.

  • Compensation for Loss

Did your injury result in a loss? For instance, have you lost vison in one eye or are you no longer able to hear? Did the accident you were involved in result in you losing a limb that no longer permits you to engage in the type of work you once did? Did the accident you or a loved one was involved in result in a death and you are now suffering from mental anguish? This loss is yet another compensable damage you want to look into obtaining.

  • Compensation for Loss of Consortium

Another type of damage you don’t want to overlook is loss of consortium. It is important to be mindful of the fact that your injury plays a role in others’ lives, not just yours.  If you aren’t able to do the things you once could with your spouse, their lifestyle and happiness is also effected and this loss of a way of life stemmed from the accident you were involved in. Because the negligent party’s actions resulted in this lifestyle change that could have been prevented, they too are eligible to receive compensation as well.
There are several other types of damages you might be entitled to collect which is why we urge you to give us a call so we can have one of our experienced Akron accident attorneys help you fight for this compensation.

What if my injury was caused by a state department?

Perhaps your injury wasn’t brought on from a negligent driver or from a trip and fall accident on a close friend’s property but it was brought on by a state employee. If you are looking to file a claim against the state for an injury you sustained that could have been prevented, our Akron, Ohio accident lawyers are more than willing to help you with this.
The Ohio Court of Claims handles these specific types of claims so you are going to need to have yours processed through this department.

What specific type of claims can the Ohio Court of Claims handle?


  • Medical malpractice, which could arise from an accident that transpired during your stay at a hospital.
  • Personal injury
  • Immunity of state officers and employees. This type of claim might arise if an accident occurs with a police officer or some other state employee.

Whether your accident involved a driver or a state department, we can find you a local accident lawyer in Akron now who can assist you every step of the way.