Generally, a person who is involved in an auto accident may see an increase in their insurance rates if they were the cause of the incident. According to Nerdwallet, the average annual rate increase for Ohio drivers who were involved in an auto accident compared to those with a clean record saw an increase of approximately $294 in their premiums. One reason why it is vital that fault be put on the right driver is because it could affect your wallet. Some insurance companies will use accident history to calculate your premium and if you weren’t at fault, you don’t want to be held responsible for paying more for your auto insurance than you already were.
I was involved in an accident, will I need a Cincinnati, Ohio accident lawyer to help me collect for damages?
This is a great question and one that deserves a detailed answer. First, some common types of accidents our personal injury lawyers in Cincinnati can aid you with include:

  • Premise liability
  • Auto accidents
  • Boating crashes
  • Medical errors
  • Hospital incidents
  • Product liability

Now, below are only a few reasons as to why you might need to hire a local accident attorney in Cincinnati in the event you were involved in some sort of mishap.

  1. They will assist with your accident claim- Have you ever wondered whether your insurance company or that of the other involved party was handling your claim properly? Well if you answered yes, you aren’t alone. Some insurance companies have been known to low ball their customers with settlement offers and we don’t want that to happen to you.


  1. Help you understand the paperwork- Did you know that many individuals who are seeking compensation for an injury caused from an accident struggle with the paperwork involved? Whether your injuries were brought on in a car or truck accident or you suffered from a defective product, once the insurance company gets involved, a large number of individuals aren’t too familiar with the terms being used in conjunction with the claim or the paperwork they are required to file.


  1. Not all attorneys ask for fees up front- There are many accident attorneys in Cincinnati who work on a contingency basis. A lawyer who works for you on a contingency basis means they won’t collect any fees from you until they have won your case. Therefore, you could be receiving legal aid throughout this tough time and not even have to put up a penny to do so.


  1. Ensure fault is properly established.


  1. They remove the burden of having to deal with complicated or non-compliant parties- Unfortunately, even though you are the victim, not all parties are willing to comply or pay you what you are rightfully do. Therefore, in order to increase your chances of being compensated fairly, the Cincinnati accident lawyers we work closely with are the professionals for the job.

Our accident attorneys in Cincinnati, Ohio are quite familiar with all the uncertainties that generally arise after an accident which is why we urge you to at least reach out to us and get your free consultation scheduled. Our featured lawyers can best explain how their help is going to change the outcome of the claim and what they can do to assure you are respectfully compensated for your pain and suffering. will find you a local Cincinnati accident lawyer and help get you setup with your free consultation today.