While accidents can cause injuries to victims of all ages, there are some specific arguments that a lawyer can make regarding a victim who is very young. A recent tragic event in Cleveland, Ohio shows how young people can be permanently affected by the mistakes of someone else.

Car strikes five year old child in Cleveland causing serious damage
An accident in Cleveland on Cedar Ave. involved a five year old child who was struck by a car. According to emergency services, the child was struck by a vehicle around 4:30pm and taken to the Metro hospital. The police released a statement that the child was conscious, but in critical condition. Around the time of the collision, the driver called 911 and admitted to hitting the child along with several other emergency calls that were made regarding the same incident. It is unknown whether the driver will receive any traffic citations or criminal charges based on this incident.
Damage to a child
If a very young person suffers serious or permanent injuries after an accident, the parents can retain an accident lawyer to file a lawsuit on their child’s behalf. The lawyer can file a negligence case that states the driver was not careful enough and caused injuries to the young victim. While the structure of the lawsuit and the elements that must be proven remain the same whether the victim is a child or adult, the resulting damages can be significant.
When someone is injured, the most important element of the case is damages. This is a word for an attempt to quantify the person’s economic losses into an amount that the defendant must pay. A crucial aspect of such a lawsuit will be the child’s diminished ability to work or lead a normal life. If the child requires constant medical care or cannot obtain regular employment because of their injuries, the defendant may end up paying for their treatment or future lost wages. When the victim is young, this can literally amount to decades worth of costs and lost earnings. Damages can also cover emotional forms of harm such as the pain and suffering that the victim and their family will have to deal with on a daily basis because of the accident.
The legal process for collecting a judgment
Skilled accident lawyers are experts at making these kinds of arguments to a jury or during settlement negotiations. An important point to emphasize is that the child was essentially robbed of any opportunity to lead a normal life due to the accident. This can be proven through things such as medical records that show the extent of the injuries, as well as testimony from doctors or other healthcare experts that explain the nature of the problems the victim will have to endure. and how they affect their ability to function normally for the rest of their life. Many defendants will want to settle in order to avoid having a jury hear all of these details and becoming sympathetic to the plaintiff. An ideal situation for a plaintiff would be to receive thousands or even millions of dollars to compensate for the fact that the victim’s entire future earning potential was lost as well as the need for consistent medical treatment
An accident lawyer in Cleveland can help
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