After being involved in an accident, there are a number of different things that will be done to start the process of filing a lawsuit. A lawyer who specializes in this area will normally file an initial document in the local court where the accident happened called a complaint. After this first step, they will also need information from you and engage in a dialogue with the other party’s lawyer called the discovery process. This process is a way of sharing relevant information about the incident. There are several documents that may be exchanged during this time.

Usually the police who arrive on the scene will create an accident report and speak with the drivers and other witnesses in the area. The insurance company will also send out an adjuster to look at the damage to your vehicle and create their own report. Pictures are taken of the car, surrounding areas and road conditions, which are used to get an idea what the weather was like at the time. Sometimes police may find that the other driver is impaired by alcohol or drugs, violated a traffic law by speeding or running a stop sign, or other inappropriate actions. Citations which are issued for these offenses are also helpful to your lawyer as evidence of improper conduct behind the wheel. Visits to a hospital or doctor after the accident will also create records of any treatment you may have received for injuries. Written notices to your employer about missed time from work also prove further financial losses All of these records are used by lawyers, and it helps to keep copies of your own documents and pictures if you have them.
In some situations, your own interview taken under oath may also be required to produce a document called a deposition. Depositions are a way of giving the lawyers an idea of what a witness will say before trial and they are often used to show inconsistent statements, so a lawyer will help you prepare if this step is required. Having this kind of information available before trial will aid your lawyer in making decisions, as well as the process of creating a strategy regarding your case or possible settlement.
Severe Crash in Toledo Ohio
A car accident on Sylvania Avenue in Toledo shows the serious nature of damages related to a crash. A mini van turned in front of a cement truck, which caused an impact that sent the van into a pole and killed one person. The driver of the van and a baby inside were taken to the local hospital, while the person in the passenger seat was killed on impact. An investigation was still pending to obtain more information about the incident and the people involved.
There will be a large volume of information generated related to this one incident. In a situation such as this, there are medical records related to the deceased person and the injuries of the others. Emergency personnel respond to the scene, and police speak with witnesses and follow their own procedures to gather information. The survivors of the accident will have testimony regarding what they observed. The trucking company may have records about this specific driver and the vehicle that was in use, as well as prior incidents involving the same driver. There may be pictures of the scene that show the road conditions, the time of day, and weather, which can all contribute to an accident. Pictures can also show the state of the vehicles immediately after the accident, including points of impact and damage to the cars.
Contact an Experienced Accident Attorney
If you need an accident attorney in the Toledo Ohio area, please contact the Schuller Law Office. James L. Schuller is an alumnus of the University of Toledo with deep ties to the community and the state of Ohio. He has been practicing law for over forty years and he has helped many people just like you. His expertise in dealing with accidents can help you sort through all of this information.