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Although most insurers will cover an out of state accident, if you recently moved to a new state but failed to update your address, your insurer may deny your claim.

It’s always exciting to travel outside of your home state and explore the neighboring cities that offer different types of weather, views, and attractions. What isn’t exciting, however, is when you’re involved in a car accident in another state and aren’t sure what you are entitled to recover for your damages being that you are an Ohio auto insurance policyholder. The fact is, each state has its own set of insurance laws that stipulate what types of coverage a driver must have along with the corresponding limits and they may not be the same as what your state requires you to have.
So, how do insurance laws impact your claim and how do you know if you are being properly compensated for the damage the incident caused?
Although all insurance companies have their own set of rules they follow, your insurance coverage follows you, according to Esurance, which means you should be covered for the accident. For example, if you traveled from Ohio to Indiana, and were involved in a crash with a driver from that state, you could file a claim with their auto insurer in an effort to get your property damage, medical bills, etc. paid for. You should also be able to reach out to your own insurer for additional coverage should you need it.

What if the minimum required coverage varies?

Although this is often the case for many auto accident victims, you might be happy to know that your insurer may foot the bill if need be. Let us explain. Let’s say you caused the wreck and were only carrying the minimum required coverage a driver in the state of Ohio must have. Currently, the Ohio Department of Insurance states that Ohio motorists must have property damage and bodily injury liability coverage, which pays for the damage you cause to other people’s property or the injuries you cause them to suffer. For bodily injury coverage, your limits must be at least $12,500 per person or $25,000 per accident and for property damage, you must have a minimum of $7,500 per accident.
Now, we used Indiana as the example of the state you traveled to. In this state, the law requires drivers to carry a minimum of $10,000 in property damage along with $25,000 for bodily injury per person or $50,000 per accident [Source: Nationwide]. Given the difference in amount, if you caused the accident and the damage was valued at more than what your insurance limits were set at but were still below the minimum amounts the Indiana driver carried, your insurer should pay the remaining amount you owe. The same should also apply if the other driver was responsible for the wreck and their insurance limits weren’t as high as your state’s.
Unfortunately, just because an insurer claims they will cover you doesn’t always mean they will.

accident attorneys in Toledo, OH

Engaging in an auto accident outside of your home state can be stressful as you may not know what you are entitled to recover. That is why you should turn to a trusted Toledo, OH accident lawyer who can provide you with some clarification and legal assistance if you need it.

Therefore, it is best that after engaging in an auto accident, you contact your insurance company and/or that of the other driver if they were responsible for causing the collision to find out how your claim will be handled. And if you want to be sure that you are fairly compensated and are receiving what you are actually due, you are also advised to contact a Toledo, OH accident attorney as well. Given the fact that the accident occurred out of state, you might find it difficult to get a clear answer from either insurance company and you may even experience a delay in getting your claim processed. However, when you contact Schuller Law Office to retain an accident lawyer who can help you through the process, you won’t have to deal with the back and forth between companies.
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