A two car crash that occurred in Owasso, Oklahoma, just 14 miles from Tulsa, is currently under investigation by the Oklahoma Highway Patrol on Highway 20 near an indoor soccer and sports arena. The accident claimed the life of one man, according to ktul.com.
Oklahoma Highway Patrol authorities reported that they received emergency calls on of an accident. According to investigators, one of the drivers involved in somehow lost control of his car and veered across the center line of Highway 20 and ploughed head on into a pickup truck. This pickup truck driver is going to need a Tulsa, Oklahoma accident lawyer – the sooner the better.

The driver that lost control has only been descried as a young male in reports and is yet to be identified. He succumbed to injuries almost immediately after the accident. The crash also caused a small fire but authorities were able to put it out right away. The pickup truck driver was rushed to a nearby medical facility by emergency medical responders. His condition is not known at the moment.
Deceased motorcycle crash accident victim identified by Tulsa authorities
Tulsa authorities have identified Ralph Ward Watkins as the man killed after he was involved in a motorcycle – car accident in Tulsa, Oklahoma, as reported by Fox23.

Soon after the crash, highway authorities had to shut down boulders from number eighteen to boulder number twenty one from public access. According to investigators, the motorcycle he was riding on was hit by a car that was being driven by a 16 year old female driver who would rather be seeing one of her teachers rather than a Tulsa, Oklahoma accident attorney.
Subscription based communication service providers OnStar help locate woman after accident
A woman involved in a car accident in Rogers County was located by emergency responders and saved as she was in a critical condition. However, responders credited the company OnStar for having saved her life. OnStar is a subsidiary of GM (General Motors), a subscription based communications company that provides turn by turn navigation, hands free communication, in-vehicle security, etc.
She should have hit the deer
As reported by newson6.com, the woman is from Verdigris and crashed the pickup truck she was driving north of the Port of Catoosa and the service company was able to track down her location and pass it on to rescuers. According to investigators, the woman almost drove into a deer on the highway and had to wildly swerve to avoid hitting it, as a result she veered off the road and fell into a nearly 20 foot deep ditch.
There a stellar attorneys and case winners on the site USAttorneys.com but they cannot do anything about a deer being in the road. A deer does not understand the causes of their actions.
Oklahoma personal injury and auto accident laws
According to Tulsa accident lawyers, Oklahoma comes under the shared fault rule. Basically, the shared fault rule implies that all persons involved in an accident are responsible for compensating financial damages caused. Their faults are determined in a courtroom and they will be held liable as per how much they were at fault by. So for instance, if two persons are involved in an accident and it is determined that one of them was at fault by 75% and the other was at fault by 25% then accordingly, one person would be responsible for 75% of the damages and the latter for 25% of the damages.
However, determining fault is very subjective and requires sound knowledge of applicable laws. This is why it is important for all persons involved to hire an experienced Oklahoma accident lawyer who can assist them and ensure they are not unfairly held accountable for an accident that wasn’t their fault.

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