A single vehicle accident that brought a power pole down on Baxter County Road 69 has resulted in multiple charges by Baxter County Sheriff’s Office against the driver of the vehicle.
On Sunday afternoon, a pickup driven by 49 year old John Randall Hager, a resident of Oklahoma, slammed into a roadside power pole on Baxter County Road 69, knocking it down and hurting himself in the process.  Police suspect him to have been driving under the influence of alcohol at the time of the accident.

Hager had to be taken to the Baxter Regional Medical Center to have his wounds treated. According to Cpl. Kristofer Savino of the BCSO, Hager has been charged with DUI, for having left the scene of the accident, reckless and prohibited driving, and for failure to wear a seatbelt.
Another drunk driving related accident
Savino says that two bottles of alcohol were found in the intoxicated man’s truck, one of which was an open bottle of vodka. Being impaired, Hager lost control of his Chevrolet truck, which resulted in the accident. The county’s utility workers had to repair the broken power line to restore power to the residents. Hager faces charges of leaving the scene of the accident without reporting to the police first. Witnesses say that he left on foot after the accident and was picked up by the police about 300 yards from the scene.
Haskell County reports a three vehicle crash on Hwy 9 outside Whitefield on Monday
A teenager was killed by a GMC pickup which came face to face with a Semi on Monday morning on Hwy 9, near Whitefield around 7.30 am. Oklahoma Hwy Patrol troopers have reported that the 16 year old was thrown from his truck on impact and was killed. The pickup as well as the semi ran off the road and landed in a ditch. The debris from the first crash sent another GMC truck traveling westbound, into the same ditch.
A 12 year old boy in the truck was hurt in the accident and was taken to the St. Francis Hospital by helicopter. His is reported to be in a stable condition. The names of the boys are being held back by the authorities due to their age. The Stigler community is praying for the quick recovery of the young boy who attends Stigler Middle and the teenager whose injuries were fatal was enrolled in Stigler High. The authorities have said that the teenager was not wearing a seat belt at that time. The drivers of the semi and second GMC have both survived.
What to do after an accident
According to Oklahoma accident attorneys, motorists involved in an accident must take certain measures since evidence could be crucial. Seeking medical attention is imperative in the event of any accident is essential even if the injuries may seem minor.
It is important to exchange information with the other driver such as name, address, phone number, insurance details, and license plate number, to name a few. In addition, it is prudent to document the accident by taking notes and photos, which could become an integral part of any legal proceedings. If there are no injuries, it may not be necessary to contact law enforcement. However, it is important to register an accident report with the DMV. Most importantly, contact an experienced Oklahoma accident attorney to understand your legal options.

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