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If your child was killed in a car wreck in OK, you may be entitled to sue to the driver although you should consult with an accident attorney before taking any steps on your own.

There is nothing in life that is more devastating than learning that your child was killed in an automobile accident. Although parents of a deceased child cannot seem to wrap their mind around why or how the accident occurred that was responsible taking their child’s innocent life, there is usually a reason for why it transpired. Sometimes, car crashes happen on account of a distracted or tired driver and other times, they occur as a result of a motorist being reckless or irresponsible. The fact is, most collisions happen as a result of driver error.
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When a negligent driver causes a fatal accident that results in the death of a child, the parents of that child are permitted to take legal action, usually in the form of filing a wrongful death lawsuit.

After losing a child, most parents are left angry, upset, and trying to cope with their loss. And while most aren’t exactly concerned about recovering money from a lawsuit as there is nothing more valuable than the life of their child, they areinterested in learning what they can do on their part to ensure justice is served and that the liable driver who caused the collision is held responsible for his or her actions. One way the parents of a deceased child can do this is by filing a wrongful death lawsuit.
When a wrongful death lawsuit is filed, the plaintiffs or victims in the matter are entitled to recover damages which serve as a form of monetary relief that is provided for their losses given they are successful in their case. Since there is no way to bring back a child who was killed in an automobile accident, this is generally one of the only other forms of relief that are available to their mourning parents and a way to recognize the driver for their negligence.

What types of damages can the parents of a deceased child collect when filing a wrongful death lawsuit in the state of Oklahoma?

accident lawyers in Oklahoma

To find out more in-depth information on the damages you may be eligible to recover when filing a wrongful death lawsuit in OK, contact an accident lawyer who is experienced in this area of law who can provide this to you.

  • Medical and burial expenses.
  • The mental pain and anguish suffered by the decedent.
  • The pecuniary loss to the survivors. This would be measurable monetary losses the family experienced as a result of their child’s death.
  • The grief and loss of companionship.

[Source: 12 O.S. 2001, Section 1053].
Now, if a family decides they want to file a wrongful death lawsuit, they must do so before the statute of limitations expires. In OK, you have two years from the date of a death to file suit and will need a skilled accident attorney in Oklahoma to help you execute the lawsuit. Aside from the fact that there is a very specific process that must be followed, the plaintiffs or victims in the case will need to prove they are worthy of receiving these damages.
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