Accident Attorney in Tulsa, Oklahoma, What your case is worth

Being in an accident can send you reeling. Not only are you in hurt and in pain, but you are also probably extremely worried about your future. You know you are about to be hit with a pile of expensive medical bills, and you are going to lose time from work. Sadly, many Tulsa accident victims must worry about their finances on top trying to recuperate. That leaves them with the dilemma of whether they accept a settlement or take their case to court.
Accepting an Accident Settlement in Tulsa
Most accident claims, whether they arise out of a collision, a slip and fall, or medical negligence, are settled out of the courtroom setting. Negotiations with an insurance company can result in a generous settlement, but it isn’t an easy task and requires a certain skill level. That is why recommends you retain an accident attorney in Tulsa to take charge of negotiations.
One of the advantages of accepting a settlement from an insurance company is how quickly you can recover compensation. Settlement talks can go on for months, and you still need to present evidence and prove negligence, but the process takes less time than building a civil court case.
Another advantage of taking a settlement is that your get to keep more compensation because you’ll have significantly lower legal fees. An attorney must investigate and gather evidence, so they put a lot of effort into your case, it’s just less time than required for a court case.
Accepting a settlement also gives you more certainty. A judge or a jury is inclined to give you more money than an insurance adjuster, but there is no guarantee. You could take your case to court and receive no compensation. It’s a risk you need to discuss with an attorney before making up your mind.
If you agree to a settlement, you will be awarded compensation for your medical expenses including:
Surgical procedures
Diagnostic tests
Doctor’s visits
Physical therapy
Pain management
Physical Therapy Locations in Tulsa:
Physical Therapy of Tulsa
6767 S Yale Place, Tulsa, OK 74136
Redbud Physical Therapy
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Speak with an Accident Attorney in Tulsa
An accident can be a major upheaval in your life and cause you great physical and financial harm. You need someone who understands Oklahoma’s personal injury laws and knows how to build an undisputable personal injury claim. has a network of accredited accident lawyers with the know-how to get a generous settlement for your injuries and other losses.
If you are injured in the following accidents, set up a consultation with one of your attorneys:
Auto accident
Boating accident
Property accident
Workplace injury
Medical malpractice
Nursing home neglect
Call and set up a case evaluation as soon as you are able and let our legal team in Oklahoma discuss the advantages of taking an accident settlement. We connect you with a lawyer today.

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