Who pays for injuries suffered in a boating accident in Miami, Florida?

Boating Accident in Old Saybrook Sends Man to Hospital

OLD SAYBROOK, CT – A peaceful night out at sea took a dangerous turn for a couple in Old Saybrook, leading to a man being injured in a boating accident.

The State Department of Energy and Environmental Protection (DEEP), the local fire department, and the U.S. Coast Guard were alerted to the accident on Saturday night. According to initial reports from DEEP, the boat, which was carrying a man and a woman, collided with a jetty.

The man sustained injuries in the accident and was immediately transported to a nearby hospital for treatment. As of now, authorities have not disclosed details regarding the extent of his injuries or his current condition.

The circumstances leading to the collision remain unclear, with the investigation still ongoing. It is uncertain at this stage whether any potential negligence or other factors may have contributed to the accident.

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