A recent WSU study highlights the dangers of steering a car with one hand and texting with the other.
Mature drivers may lose competency when texting while driving
According to a study conducted by Wayne State University, older drivers and more experienced ones who drive a lot better than their younger counterparts may in many circumstances perform poorly on the road if they choose to text and drive, Wayne State University research.

The perception that younger drivers were more prone to distractions and inattentiveness, and therefore, likely to perform poorly when compared with older drivers when texting and driving, has been proved wrong by researchers from Wayne State. Randall Commissaris, a researcher says that in the age group 18 to 59 younger drivers were less distracted while texting and performed better than their older counterparts. The tests were conducted on participants who were skilled in texting and using smartphones. Results indicate that 50 percent of those tested crossed lanes while texting.
Drivers who can multitask better are the ones in the younger age groups
The findings are recorded in the January 2015 issue of Accident Analysis and Prevention. Researchers were surprised to find that in the age group 45 to 59 years, the incidence of lane excursions increased while texting. Comparatively, 80% of the subjects were between 35 and 44, 40% in the 25 to 34 age group and 25% in the 18 to 24 age groups.
The study clearly showed that lane excursions increased with age. A plausible explanation says Commissaris, is that older drivers are less able to use the motor skills required to multitask – that is drive as well as text at the same time. It is expected that this hypothesis will be further strengthened with future research that will study eye glances during texting. Conroe TX accident attorneys say that although this may be true there is no reason for anyone to text while driving. Pulling over to the side can help save a lot of lives that are otherwise lost due to irresponsible drivers.
None of this information means though that young people should be texting and driving simultaneously.
Two men claim injury payout after boat accident
In other news, Darren Perkins and Brian Scalise from Jefferson and Harris counties have filed a lawsuit against Chris Domino, owner of Circle D Boats. In the lawsuit the two men allege negligence and claim that their boat was not repaired and had a faulty steering mechanism installed, which resulted in an accident at Taylor’s Bayou. Both Perkins and Scalise sustained serious injuries to their back and legs in the accident. According to their accident attorney, their claims are based on damages for medical expenses, loss of income, and legal costs.
No refusal initiative ends in Montgomery County
According to the Montgomery County District Attorney’s, the no refusal initiative held between Nov. 26th and Jan. 4th resulted in 255 arrests for drunk driving. There were 25 DUI arrests made on New Year’s Eve of which, 16 defendants voluntarily offered blood samples, four were arrested on breath tests and five motorists were issued blood search warrants. The DA’s Office says it will continue its efforts to hold such initiatives throughout the year.

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