Former decathlon champion Bruce Jenner, who is slowly transforming into a woman, was the driver of one of the vehicles that was in a four car accident in Southern Ca. as per LA County Sheriff’s Office.

The accident occurred on Pacific Coast Highway near Corral Canyon Road as per news reports. Information about one of the drivers who died on the spot was not available soon after the wreck happened. Alan Nierob, Bruce Jenner’s publicist, said that Jenner was not hurt in the crash. Pictures of the champion have been posted showing him chatting with emergency crew while standing beside the totaled cars.
Jenner, 65, set a record score in the 10 event decathlon in the 1976 Olympics where he won gold. This was the start of a captivating career, which began with Wheaties commercials and then as an actor in the popular TV series’ Chips and Keeping up with the Kardashians. But now many people are turned off by him because of a strange personal decision he has made which is that he has made moves to become a woman.
Jenner speaks about the crash
Jenner has said that he was being chased by the paparazzi when the crash happened, which probably caused the death of one of the drivers. However, Lt. John Lecrivain, of the LA County Sheriff’s Department said that he does not consider this as the prime reason for the collision as investigators have reported that there were no indications of any photographers chasing the former TV idol.
According to Sergeant Philip Brooks from the Sheriff’s department, it has not yet been determined by the law enforcement authorities who is, or were, responsible for the midday wreck.
Brook further said that the car driven by Jenner was a black SUV Cadillac and was the third car in the rear end pile up. According to police reports, the first was a black colored Toyota Prius police followed by a Lexus sedan. Jenner’s vehicle was towing a tractor trailer with an all-terrain vehicle when it rear ended the Lexus. The impact proved fatal for the driver of the Lexus, which went into a spin and hit an oncoming Hummer.
The media reported that Jenner’s vehicle left skid marks on the ground. The sheriff’s department has opened a vehicular manslaughter investigation that will consider all aspects of the wreck and everyone involved and without focusing on any single individual. According to San Diego accident attorneys, crash investigators, and witnesses will play an important role in determining the direction which investigations take. Jenner’s claims about being chased by the paparazzi will also be considered closely.
Bruce Jenner removed his Adam’s apple who now may have a death on his hands.
The aftermath of the wreck
The Sheriff has opened a Facebook Page for this accident where he reiterates that all involved have been cooperating with his investigation. Jenner has voluntarily taken a DUI test.
Reports indicate that the collision ended with five children being hospitalized while two adults sustained injuries. The stretch of road where the accident occurred is narrow and twisting. San Diego accident attorneys say that this could be a major factor in any lawsuit that may stem from the accident.
Jennifer returning from a charity engagement
It has been reported that later in the day a car lost control and went through the barriers cordoning off the site of the midday collision and struck the wrecked cars. The driver is suspected of drinking and driving. A total of four cars were involved and Jenner may be at fault but it does appear he was returning from picking up an exotic ATV that he loaned out for a charity for a while.
But that is not going to be enough if it is true he caused this wreck which it appears he or she did.

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