Driving requires a serious amount of concentration and skill. Anyone who is on the road needs to make sure they constantly remain vigilant to avoid getting into an otherwise preventable accident. When a person is not careful, they can end up getting into a serious accident that leads to the death of their loved ones.

This is exactly what happened in Omaha, Nebraska on a Saturday morning.

The Omaha police stated they discovered an unfortunate collision that occurred with a 2008 Saturn Aura and a retaining wall. The vehicle was traveling east when it suddenly left the road and collided with both a tree and a retaining wall. The impact was severe and not only were four of the five occupants ejected from the car, but the vehicle was pretty much destroyed as well. Despite the evacuation mechanism of the vehicle working properly, two of the passengers still passed away as a result of the impact and the three others walked away with mild injuries.

The three survivors were transported to Nebraska Medicine in an ambulance and were treated immediately. The driver was a young woman, Angela Alejo who was only 21 years old. She was amongst the three survivors, but she suffered a serious and potentially life-threatening head injury. Alisha Jones and Eltio Plater were the other two survivors who both sustained serious injuries as well.

As the case is further investigated, possible causes may be due to drunk driving, failure to wear a seatbelt, and speeding as well. Investigators gathered this through looking at the state of the car, which appeared to have been almost entirely crushed.

How can I reduce my chances of getting into an accident?

Getting into a serious collision can be very scary. Even if a person is lucky enough to walk away from the collision with their life and their health still intact then they have to suffer the mental trauma of the experience and possibly even face the legal consequences as well.  Like in the case mentioned above, Angela is under serious health conditions that may even be life-threatening but if it is determined she has been driving drunk then she will still have to confront the court if she recovers from her state.

To keep oneself as safe as possible on the road, a person should always make sure they are following all the safety rules they had to spend so much time learning when they initially applied for their driver’s license. Also, individuals should make sure they are not distracted while driving and that they never get behind the wheel when they feel sick or when they have recently consumed any form of intoxicants. It may seem like there are far too many precautionary measures to be taken, but all these rules are only enforced to ensure the safety of everyone on the road.

Anyone who gets into an accident should get in touch with an accident lawyer to help them figure out the legal steps which need to be taken next.