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Did you know that approximately 286,000 traumatic brain injuries (TBI) result from car crashes according to the Brain Injury Society? While not all accidents result in a TBI, many individuals suffer from head injuries, upper back pain, and neck pain after engaging in these types of accidents. While some of these conditions can be treated, others will require on-going therapy, possibly for the rest of your life.

If you have yet to contact a local Oregon accident lawyer, you are going to want to start here. At USAttorneys, we understand how significant and life-altering accidents can be. They bring unwanted conditions and circumstances and sometimes, you aren’t compensated fairly for the pain and suffering you or even your family has had to endure. To avoid having to go through the struggle with the at-fault party or your insurance company, let one of our reputable and trustworthy accident lawyers in your city help get your claim or lawsuit initiated and you on your way to getting the funds that may help ease the healing process.


Types of TBI’s 

The Brain Injury Society identifies two types of TBI’s. The first is an open head injury and that occurs when a foreign object goes through the skull and then enters the brain. The second is a closed head injury and this occurs when someone experiences a bump or blow to the head. Closed head injuries are the more common of the two and often occur when a victim’s head strikes the windshield, dashboard, or steering wheel of their vehicle.

TBI’s can occur in a number of different ways. For instance, if you are heavily into sports, you may experience a concussion a few times which is return can cause a long-term effect on your brain and your body. Elderly individuals who aren’t cared for properly in a nursing home or other long-term care facility may fall, breaking their hip or other ligament in their body or suffer from head injuries.  And as you know, many people who experience a fall during their senior years often are unable to recover from it.


Hiring an Oregon Accident Attorney to Represent My Case

Whether you have sustained serious, life-altering injuries or the damage caused is minor and you are expected to recover, the fact is, you have had to suffer because someone was negligent or partially at-fault for bringing upon these unwanted circumstances. Therefore, you are going to want to hire one of our accident lawyers in Oregon to help you become better equipped and ready to handle your case. Your injuries are more than likely compensable and we want you to find the perfect professional who can help you attain the maximum amount that your damages are worth.


Looking for Some Support?

Whether you are the victim yourself or are a family member of someone who is suffering from a TBI, The Brain Injury Alliance of Oregon has been developed to “create a better future through brain injury prevention, advocacy, education, research, and support.” They hold on-going events for those who are looking to learn more about this issue and give opportunities to those who already have a TBI to engage in other activities around those who suffer from the same injury.

You can contact the Brain Injury Alliance of Oregon by calling 1-800-544-5243 or by emailing [email protected]