Workers’ compensation benefits are provided to those employees who work for an insured employer who becomes injured on the job. Work accidents can occur for a number of different reasons and various parties can be held responsible for the pain and suffering you were forced to endure. Workers’ compensation benefits will cover medical treatment costs, provide a percentage for lost wages, and pay out death benefits in the event a work accident has resulted in an individual’s death.
While most workers’ compensation claims are filed with an employer’s workers’ compensation insurance company, there are times where other parties are at-fault for causing the accident. This would result in a different type of claim being filed.
To learn more about the basics of workers’ compensation claims or how you can file a work accident claim for an incident that occurred in Beaverton, contact today. we have qualified work accident lawyers in Beaverton, OR available to consult with you and provide you with all the information you are seeking.

What is a third-party workers’ compensation claim?

Sometimes, work accidents occur because an employer wasn’t careful and failed to take the necessary protective measures to ensure their workers were safe and working in a hazard-free environment. Other times, an accident that occurs while an employee was on the clock may arise from other things that don’t directly involve an employer. If a workplace accident occurred and someone else other than your employer was the cause of it, they would be considered the third party and you would be entitled to take legal action against them.
Some examples of a third-party claim might include those filed against:

  • A driver of a vehicle that hit you while you were working. You could have been driving an automobile yourself or walking.
  • A manufacturer of a defective product that harmed you while using it to perform your work duties.
  • The owner of a property who failed to maintain the building and/or the surrounding premises where you were working which caused you to get hurt.

Taking legal action against a third-party can sometimes be a difficult task to get accomplished which is why we encourage you to hire a Beaverton, OR accident and injury lawyer to assist with the process.

Who is available to help me with my work accident claim in Oregon?

There are several different professionals that can be contacted if you were recently injured on the job and are seeking information that can help you get through the workers’ compensation claims process. A list of these individuals is provided for you below.

  1. One of the accident attorneys in Beaverton, OR featured on our site. Our lawyers are capable of providing you with an abundant amount of information and can assure that your employer or another party you are looking to hold accountable provides the compensation you need and deserve.


  1. The Workers’ Compensation Division (WCD) can explain what rights you hold as an injured worker in Beaverton, Oregon and discuss the responsibilities of your employer. You can contact the WCD by calling 800-452-0288.


  1. Ombudsman for Injured Workers is the state office that acts as an independent advocate for those injured on the job. They help injured workers in Oregon understand what their rights and responsibilities are, investigate complaints, and help to resolve those complaints. You can contact this office by calling 800-927-1271.

If you would like one of our skilled accident and injury attorneys in Beaverton to begin assisting you so that a claim can get filed, give us a call or submit the contact information form right here on our site and you will hear from an agent shortly.