Can I recover compensation in an accident even if I am partially at fault in Oregon?
Traffic accidents occur for a number of different reasons. Sometimes we fail to pay attention when need to the most and other times other motorists engage in negligent or reckless behavior that leads up to an accident occurring. But, when an accident occurs, whether you were at-fault for the entire accident or partially at fault, it is important that you are aware of what Oregon’s state laws stipulate in terms of what you can and cannot collect for your damages.
Damages might include:

  • Medical bills- Those that you have accrued and will accrue in the future.
  • Pain and suffering-Your Hillsboro, Oregon accident lawyer can help you determine a fair and adequate amount for this.
  • Loss of consortium- This type of compensation is generally awarded to your spouse or partner if your injuries have impacted your relationship.


Oregon Follows the Modified Comparative Negligence Law

Oregon currently follows what is known as a modified comparative negligence law. There are two types comparative negligence laws, pure and modified. A pure comparative negligence law allows an injured party who was 99% at-fault for causing an accident to collect damages, however, the other party who was 1% at-fault is still required to pay for their percentage of fault. Then you have modified comparative negligence.
Modified comparative negligence works a little different than pure comparative negligence. An injured victim who is found 50% or below at fault is legally able to recover compensation for their damages but would be responsible for their fair share of causing the accident. Therefore, if your Hillsboro, OR accident attorney filed a lawsuit against the negligent party who caused your accident which resulted in injury and you were awarded $50,000, if you were 50% at-fault, your settlement amount would be reduced by $25,000.

Understanding comparative negligence in the state of Oregon

Understanding Oregon’s comparative negligence laws isn’t exactly easy and for some who were just involved in an auto accident, it might not be clear whatsoever. That is why is here. We help you get in touch with local accident attorneys in the city of Hillsboro, Oregon that can answer your questions, provide you with some clarity regarding current state laws, and represent you if you are looking to file suit against a negligent party who may be partially at-fault for hitting you and injuring you.
If you would like us to assist you in finding an accident lawyer in the city of Hillsboro, OR who can help you initiate a lawsuit or answer any questions you may have regarding your accident, we will gladly provide the help that you need. You can contact us directly or submit a contact information form directly through our site.
Many accident victims walk away from their accident suffering from serious injuries and without any way to pay for the medical treatment they might need. Insurance only covers so much and then you are left to pick up the remaining pieces. Our Hillsboro, OR accident attorneys have the capability to get you the maximum settlement for your injuries and won’t stop until they have done so.