Many pedestrian accidents that occur in the state of Oregon are a result of a driver failing to yield to the pedestrian according to the Oregon Department of Transportation. From 2009 to 2013, 798 pedestrians in the state of Oregon were injured and 52 died in auto accidents during each of these years. Many pedestrian accidents occur because individuals aren’t aware of what the state laws are nor do they take the time to become aware of the laws they are legally required to abide by.
Do you live in the city of Salem, OR and sustained an injury in a pedestrian accident? Did the driver fail to adhere to one or more of the roadway traffic laws? Unfortunately, many individuals become victims to these types of accidents and not all take the necessary measures to hold those who caused the accident accountable. But, you don’t have to settle considering the injuries you have had to endure. You could work with one of our highly skilled accident attorneys in Salem, Oregon and have them represent you throughout your case.
It is important that pedestrians who become injured take a stand against negligent drivers not only to receive the compensation they might need, but to help deter others away from engaging in the same behavior that led to your accident.

How can Oregon’s pedestrian laws support my accident claim?

Traffic and roadway rules can help prove you were injured by a negligent or careless driver. Some of the laws drivers and pedestrians are required to abide by in the city of Salem include:

  1. When a driver is turning at a traffic signal, they must remain stopped for pedestrians until they have cleared the lane into which the vehicle is turning and at least six feet of the next lane.
  2. Drivers must stop and remain stopped for students until a crossing guard has given you the right of way. Many innocent students who find themselves walking home from school suffer from serious and life-threatening injuries all because a motorist didn’t want to wait for their turn to proceed on.
  3. Drivers must stop for a blind pedestrian using a white cane or guide dog and remain stopped until they make their way across the road.
  4. Under Oregon law, a pedestrian is considering in the crosswalk when any part or extension of them is in the crosswalk and they have the intent to proceed.

Did you know:
A crosswalk exists at any public street intersection in the state of Oregon, regardless of whether it is marked or not. This means that a driver cannot use the excuse that they didn’t know they were required to let an individual walk. It is the duty of a driver and a pedestrian to stay informed on all the current state laws to prevent from doing something that could harm them.
Pedestrians are generally the ones who suffer harsher injuries after an accident has occurred and we would like for you to become more informed on what you may be able to collect as a result of your accident. Whether it was a child of yours or you were the one to get caught in the middle of an accident, we want to connect you with a local Salem, Oregon accident lawyer now who can provide you with all the advice and guidance you will want and need.