Can a driver in Omaha, NE recover compensation for an accident they caused?

Orlando, FL – All major metropolitan areas in the country have a number of traffic accidents that happen daily. The Orlando area and central Florida as a whole is no exception. Some of the drivers who get involved in these collisions do not actually have a license or the ability to drive legally. When a driver who is now allowed to drive gets into an accident, they may be cited or even arrested by local law enforcement at the scene. 

Drivers who do not have the proper documents or licenses

When people are driving around, they cannot tell which other drivers have licenses or insurance, and which ones do not. There is even fraud regarding fake licenses, registrations, and insurance information that is rampant in many states, including Florida. The best thing every driver can do is to have their own insurance and credentials properly in place. This can help protect them if there is ever an incident with someone who is driving illegally. 

Is it possible to sue a driver who should not have been driving?

If someone who was involved in an accident wants to take legal action against a driver who did not possess proper credentials, this is still possible. It is likely that the person responsible will have to cover the damages for the lawsuit on their own, without the help of an insurance company. It is also possible that evidence of improper credentials can be used against them to help prove negligence. It can be argued that the driver breached their duty of care by driving on the roads when they were not legally able to operate a motor vehicle at all. 

All drivers involved should still attempt to collect some basic information at the accident scene. It is important to document the time and place of the collision, who the other driver is, as well as contacting the police and the insurance provider. If the other driver tries to leave before making contact, they can be prosecuted for leaving the scene of an accident. 

Will the time and effort put into litigation be worth it?

The decision to bring a case needs to be made on an individual basis with a lawyer. The attorney can give advice during an initial meeting regarding things like the possible value of the case, chances of success, and other important matters. In most situations, the injuries and losses from the accident, along with the possibility of collecting money need to be weighed against the practicalities of winning the case. 

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