Orlando police officer Frederick Rolle Jr. may soon be required to give up his rights as an officer on the force after he caused an accident while off-duty. Rolle allegedly crashed his pickup truck into a toll plaza on State Road 408 in November and fled the scene of the crash.  Officials conducted an investigation which allowed them to issue an arrest warrant and charge Rolle for the following:

  • Leaving the scene of an accident with injuries.
  • Leaving the scene of an accident with property damage.
  • Driving under the influence.

The Orlando Sentinel reported that Rolle was the only one involved in the accident, however, because of his neglectful actions and some past cases that have stayed with him on his record, he may no longer qualify to remain on the police force. Back in 2015, Rolle was fired after “he covered up an unauthorized police chase in 2015” [Source: NBC Miami]. Although Rolle was rehired after the mishap, he has now been placed on paid leave after his recent hit-and-run account.
While the news source did not indicate whether Rolle was going to be represented by an attorney, he may want to consider looking into enlisting the help of a criminal defense attorney.

Car Accidents Involving Police Officers


Orlando accident attorneys

Both police and first responders have a job to do, however, they sometimes cause accidents in an attempt to get to a call resulting in more injured individuals

While Rolle was off-duty at the time of his accident, there are many other accidents that transpire involving negligent police officers. Because police are required to respond to calls that involve domestic violence and even vehicular crashes, it is essential that they get to this location in a timely manner. Unfortunately, that might require them to speed and run red lights. And this rushed behavior also contributes to causing auto accidents that could have been prevented.
The same applies to emergency responders. There are calls that are a matter of life and death and if an emergency responder is in a rush to get to this location, they increase the chances of yet another accident occurring. So, what can you do to help prevent an accident involving a police officer or an emergency responder?

  1. Always be alert and attentive when driving on the roadway. This will help you identify when an officer is in pursuit or might be coming up behind you.
  2. Carefully pull over when a cruiser or ambulance is attempting to get to a call. Be sure that if you are required to switch over into another lane that you do so with caution as some drivers may not be paying attention themselves.

If you were recently involved in an accident that was caused by a first responder or an Orlando police officer, there may be several different parties you can hold accountable for the damage and/or injuries they caused. USAttorneys.com works with some of the top Orlando accident lawyers and will gladly place you in touch with one who can further explain how to handle your recent incident. You might be entitled to compensation and even damages if the officer happened to be engaging in an illegal act.

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