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Roadway worker injuries and fatalities occur far too often, some caused by negligent or distracted drivers.

There are many transportation agencies who are focusing on rebuilding and improving our current roadways which means there are workers out getting the job done. These workers who engage in this type of work often are placed at risk simply because they are surrounded by high traffic areas with a significant amount of vehicle congestion. Sadly, worker-related accidents occur many times involving those who work to repair, rebuild, and modify our roadways and it is important to not only be aware of them, but how we can keep these people safer.
In the event you were recently injured in a work-related accident or you lost someone you love, you may be able to recover compensation for your injuries or the mental pain and anguish you are dealing with over the loss of your relative. A Palm Beach, FL accident lawyer featured on is the professional you want to turn to as they will fight for the maximum amount that can be awarded.

Recent Accident Responsible for Taking a Roadway Construction Worker’s Life

Although many drivers probably find themselves frustrated when traffic is backed up or their usual route to work is taking longer than expected due to roadway work, it is vital all drivers operate their vehicles with caution and care. Sadly, one driver of a 2000 Mercedes was distracted or inattentive and is now responsible for taking a man’s life.
Palm Beach Post shared the story of how it all occurred. According to the news source, 25-year-old Marquet Robinson was putting out traffic cones behind a work truck and trailer in the right lane of eastbound Southern Boulevard near Jog Road. These is the general procedures construction and roadway workers follow as they want to ensure the area they are working on is blocked off so drivers steer clear of it. While the trailer had an illuminated arrow indicating that motorists need to avoid the lane, Emmanuel Ernevil, the driver of the mentioned 2000 Mercedes, didn’t manage to do so.
According to investigators, Ernevil continued to travel in the east lane that Robinson was blocking off which resulted in him hitting the worker. The impact threw him over the guardrail and into the grass. Following the incident with Robinson, the driver hit the work truck which injured another worker, a 2016 Silverado, and the Silverado hit a third vehicle. While those involved only suffered minor injuries, Robinson later died at St. Mary’s Medical Center.

How many accidents occur each year in road construction work zones?

Palm Beach, FL accident attorneys handle various types of cases including those involving injured construction and roadway workers. Unfortunately, many accidents involve these types of employees which means there is a growing demand for more caution to be displayed.
According to the U.S. Department of Transportation Federal Highway Administration (FHWA), each year, over 20,000 workers sustain injuries in road construction work zones. Based on data from previous years, there are a few reasons listed as to why these accidents occurred.

  • Contact with objects or equipment
  • Slips, trips, or falls
  • Overexertion
  • Transportation incidents
  • Exposure to harmful substances or environments.

Construction work zones make for a dangerous space on the road and if you or anyone you know has incurred an injury and is now suffering, speak with an agent at USAttorneys and get connected with an accident attorney in Palm Beach who can begin working on your claim.

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