31-year old Colin Lacy became paralyzed as a result of the injuries sustained when his truck over-turned in an accident in 2011. The incident occurred in Florida on Interstate 10.

The accident has left Lacy confined to a wheel-chair which he will have to use for the remainder of his life. He was bed-ridden and hospitalized for two months after the crash. Fortunately for Lacy his girlfriend stuck by him and helped care for him even though they had only been seeing each other for a couple of weeks before the incident.
Empire Truck Sales, the defendants, struck a deal with the plaintiff’s accident attorney, the deal ensued that they would pay the plaintiff a minimum of $2 million, even if the jury ruled in favor of the defendant, and a maximum of $14 million. After a two-week long court hearing the jury awarded the plaintiff a sum of $18.79 million but because of the agreement between the accident attorneys, Lacy is set to receive $14 million within the next thirty days.
Not a bad deal considering the exoskeleton that can help crippled people walk only costs $100K. He also never has to work again.
The accident was proven to be a direct result of the truck company failing to rectify a major defect in servicing the truck.
Reportedly, Empire Truck Sales had serviced Lacy’s truck a month prior to the accident but had left a lateral rod detached. Lacy had observed abnormal vibration and taken the truck back to the dealer but once again they failed to fix the flaw which eventually led to the failure of the antilock brake system which caused the accident.
No Fatalities Reported in School Bus Accident
It is very fortunate that none of the 64 students on board were seriously injured when a school bus toppled onto its side in Madison County. The bus driver and 16 students were hospitalized with non-life threatening injuries after the horrific accident. All other occupants escaped unscathed from the crash. The bus was reportedly transporting students from Germantown Middle School and was near Yandell Road at Harvey Crossing when it fell onto its side.
50-year old Alabama Grandmother to Serve Life Sentence
An Etowah County jury found Joyce Garrard guilty and sentenced her to life in prison without a chance of parole. In what has been described as one of the most atrocious, heinous, and cruel crimes, Garrard forced her 9-year old daughter to run 50-foot sprints until the girl eventually collapsed. But many other people believe child obesity should be put into the spotlight.
Children need Water Grandma!
Savannah Hardin has fallen victim to a most inhumane act. The second grader was supposedly punished by her grandmother for eating candy bars on the bus and lying about it. She was forced to run while carrying cinder-block sized firewood pieces, the girl had run for three hours when she finally collapsed. Why did the child not just say no and stop running?
Witnesses have stated that even when she started crying and vomited due to exhaustion, the grandmother threatened her and forced her to continue running. The little girl passed away in the hospital three days after the incident.
The jury deliberated a death penalty but finally decided against it and instead sent the 50-year old woman to jail for the rest of her life with her conscience as her punishment. They were highly impressed by the prosecuting attorney who one day may be found on USAttorneys.com if he ever transfers over into private practice.

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