A Pastor identified as Melford J. Elliot from the city of Akron was tragically killed in a car accident earlier this week. According to police reports, the crash occurred in Central Ohio on Interstate 71 early in the morning. As reported by Ohio.com and witness accounts, Pastor Elliot was travelling in a southerly direction on Interstate 71 when his car slowly drifted out of its lane and then the road and finally collided head on into a concrete median barrier.

The impact of the collision sent his car tumbling, which caused Pastor Elliot to be ejected out of his car and his body fell limply on the northbound lanes of Interstate 71 where another fast moving car hit him again. According to paramedics that rushed onto the scene, Pastor Elliot was already dead when they got there. Dead or not, the website USAttorneys.com has fantastic attorneys that can work with the family to bring justice to cases such as this.
Melford J. Elliot was a pastor at Greater Bethel Baptist Church in Akron. Back in 2014, Pastor Elliot and two other Pastors were in the news after having staged an arrest to dramatically depict how difficult it is for Pastor’s to defend their Christian faith. Several witnesses had called in and complained about how the Pastors were mishandled. Well, if they were committing a crime and being criminals, they would be treated as such.

After 56 years on the loose, fugitive finally apprehended and set to be handed over to the state of Ohio
In an extraordinary story reported by Cleveland.com that unraveled earlier this week, a Florida State judge has ordered 79-year old Frank Freshwaters to be handed over to the custody of Ohio State Police. Freshwaters has been on the run for an astonishing 56 years.
Freshwaters claimed that he signed the petition which is essentially sending him back to Ohio inadvertently but Judge Rhonda E. Babb did not buy that story.
Freshwaters had escaped from the Sandusky Honor Farm 56 years ago after he was put there for having killed a pedestrian while speeding. Supposedly, he ran over a man who was a 24 year old husband and father at the time, named Eugene Flynt while traveling at a speed of 50 mph in a 30 mph zone. During his time aloof he had taken up a different identity and had named himself William Cox.
Personal injury laws in Ohio
Akron OH accident attorneys suggest that every resident of Ohio must be aware of accident and personal injury laws in the state. To begin with, any personal injury claim is bound by a statute of limitations. It is crucial that the lawsuit be filed within 2 years from the date of the incident. If not, the lawsuit will be dismissed right away.
Secondly, personal injury attorneys state that there are certain limitations as to how much a person may be awarded in a personal injury lawsuit in Ohio. These limits are generally referred to as caps. The cap on non-economic damages is set at $250,000 apart from some exceptions like permanent physical disability, loss of limbs, and so on. Ohio is a fault state where unlike in a no-fault state, Ohio accident victims can follow the modified comparative negligence formula.

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